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If you already have some experience with eSports betting, you have probably come across different types of betting. Regardless of which title you prefer or which event you choose to place bets on, you always have a huge range of betting options to choose from. We’re here to cover all the important features of betting on various eSports events so you’ll feel comfortable when you get started.

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Common Types of Betting Options Offered by Sportsbooks

Joining a good eSports betting platform will give you access to a wide range of bets, which will vary depending on the title you choose. For instance, the betting market for CS: GO is a little different from the one for Dota 2 and other MOBA games. Below we look at the most common betting options.

Outright Bet

Being the easiest betting option, the outright bet is available on almost any sportsbook. The simplest option is when you predict the winner of a match and bet on it. This bet can be made a little more complicated by introducing some additional conditions.

Tournament Winner Bet

The world of eSports betting covers many competitive events such as The International, Intel Extreme Masters and others for betting purposes. By choosing this betting option, you can bet on the winner of the tournament even well before the event starts. All you have to do is guess who will be the most successful. Predicting the winner of a tournament is not an easy task, but with some careful research, you can increase your winning chances.

Match Winner Bet

Arguably the easiest betting option, match winner bet can be your starting point into the world of eSports betting. While you can bet on the winner of a match well in advance, there’s also a vast market for live betting available when you join a major eSports betting platform like Despite the apparent simplicity, you should be aware of the odds that may greet you with the desired result. If the match involves little-known teams, the odds may be almost equal.

When choosing the live betting option, keep an eye on the odds as the match progresses, as they can change considerably. Although there are many variations of match winner bet, the main objective is always to see who the winner will be.

Group Winner Bet

This bet has a lot in common with the tournament winner bet, however the difference is that you will be betting on the winner of a particular stage of the tournament. Since competitive events are held in several stages, you have the chance to bet on less important events such as the winner of a particular stage.

Explaining the Moneyline

When it comes to outright betting, you will come across the term “moneyline” quite often, as they are related things. In fact, you will be betting simply on the winner without any details such as the final score or the number of points scored. Thus, the moneyline is an even simpler betting option than the outright bet.

Outright Bet Options with Additional Requirements

The outright bet is more than just betting on the winner of a match or tournament. In fact, it is quite a large market with many of the betting options described below:

  1. Score bet. By selecting this option, you can try to guess the final score and bet on it. As predicting the score before an event can be extremely difficult, this option is most commonly used in live betting.
  2. Player performance. Players have certain metrics such as the number of kills and others. You can bet on this, but obviously this type of wager is a better option for live betting.
  3. MPV. Also known as the best player bet, it is available in many matches and tournaments. Your task is to determine which player reaches the best performance in the game.

In addition, some titles have so-called binary events that can occur or not. You can bet on whether or not a particular event will happen as the match progresses. Obviously, the odds are determined by the probability of that particular event occurring.

Some Specific Betting Options Explained

Just as you can bet on who will open the scoring first in a football match, eSports also offers some specific bets to be aware of. Keep in mind that your success depends on how well you understand the title you are about to bet on. So, here are a few types of specific bets with explanations:

  1. First kill. By joining a major eSports betting platform like, you get access to a huge range of betting options including this one. In fact, you need to guess who will make the first kill as the match progresses. You should have a lot of knowledge to be successful at this, so we recommend watching as many eSports match streams as possible.
  2. First map. As the name suggests, you need to guess which team can capture the first map. Keep track of the results of the different teams to find out which one is the most successful in this.
  3. Odd or Even bets. As competitive events involve more than one match, you have the option of guessing whether the number of wins for a particular team will be an even or odd number. This betting option can be a great alternative to just guessing the winner.
  4. Over or Under bets. By taking this option, you have to guess whether the total number of winnings will be higher or lower than some fixed number. If you are correct, your bet will play out. This is another great alternative to simply guessing the winner of the match.

Since the game can change dramatically as the match progresses, the options listed above are the preferred ones for live betting.

Introduction to Complex Betting Rates

In addition to the usual outright betting options, there are some more complicated ones that are easy to learn and can bring you higher profits – see them below:

  1. Handicap betting. When one of the opponents is very strong, betting on the weaker side can be very unprofitable. Moreover, matches with a clear favorite are not so interesting for placing a simple match-winner bet. Instead, you can opt for a handicap bet that puts both opponents at a disadvantage, regardless of their strength.
  2. Accumulator bet. This is a complex bet, which includes several wagers on different events. However, keep in mind that you will only get your payout if all your predictions are correct. Although it is not easy to win an accumulator bet, if Lady Luck is on your side, you will get a huge payout, because all the odds are multiplied. Notably, some eSports betting platforms offer insurance for accumulator bets. However, read all the terms and conditions carefully before agreeing to any of the options.
  3. Double bet. Being a special case of accumulator bet, it involves only two events. If you guess both correctly, you will receive a payout equal to the product of your wager and the two odds.
  4. Triple bet. As the name suggests, this is a betting option involving bets on three different events.
  5. Conditional bet. Unlike a simple accumulator bet, this option includes some extra conditions that must be met for your bet to play.

In addition, there are system bets which also include several wagers on different events. However, they have a key difference which is that if one of your bets fails, you will receive payouts on the others. As a reminder, in the case of an accumulator bet, any failure to fall automatically means you lose your entire bet.

eSports Live Betting

Thanks to the development of internet technology and streaming platforms, you can follow matches in real-time. This has opened up vast opportunities for live betting where you can place your wagers once the match has started. By joining the right platform, you will find the live betting section with a few simple bets like match winner option that you can place during the game. Before you start, make sure the bookmaker updates the odds in a timely manner.

Live Betting Options Available at eSports Platforms

The more popular the platform you choose, the more different live betting options will be available to you.

To be successful in live betting, you should keep track of previous match statistics, assess your opponent’s odds, and watch the game streams more often.

Skin Betting

Skins are some in-game items that have a certain value. For example, there are special online stores where players can buy gear for their heroes. As some of the items have quite a high value, the skin betting market is on the rise. Notably, some platforms offer skin gambling options similar to online casino games such as roulette and blackjack. The key feature is that your bets are taken in skins rather than money.

Fantasy eSports Betting

As a brand-new market, Fantasy Betting allows you to create your own team and earn points based on how it performs. Keep in mind that you’ll need a pretty big starting budget to pay your players’ salaries. A fresh breath of air in the world of eSports betting, Fantasy Betting provides an unforgettable experience.

Find Out About the Available Banking Methods and Withdrawal Speed

Regardless of which betting option you choose, payout speed is important, as every bettor wants to get their winnings as quickly as possible. For example, cashing out a live bet before the end of the match means that you are guaranteed to get your money regardless of the game result. Keep track of key match metrics so you know when to cash out.

Use Different Types of Betting to Have Better Winning Odds

Among the many bet types available, there are both simple and quite risky options. However, you should not focus solely on those with the best odds. Betting enthusiasts know when it’s worth taking a risk, and that risk can be justified. So, dilute your betting arsenal with options like handicap bet, double bet or even accumulator/system. However, to know when a more complicated bet is appropriate, you need to study the betting market in detail and keep up to date with all the important developments in the world of eSports betting.


Although the world of eSports includes a huge number of titles, that doesn’t mean you have to bet on everything. With knowledge and experience, and by picking the right time when the odds are most favorable, you will successfully place a bet of one type or another. If you don’t have a deep understanding of a particular type of bet, you shouldn’t place it until you’ve figured out all the important things. Fortunately, the modern betting market offers a huge range of bets, so you can always find an option that suits your current skills.

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