In recent years, there has been a rapid growth in all kinds of Internet entertainment, including sports. Modern gaming services allow you not only to get impressions, but also to earn real money. Such games include daily fantasy sports, whose history began in the 60s of the last century.

The date of birth of fantasy games is considered the day when William Gamson organized the “Baseball Seminar”. Over the years, this type of entertainment has won many fans around the world. The advent of the Internet has only increased interest in fantasy sports as it has become much easier to play. There are no geographic restrictions, which has an undeniable advantage, which has been appreciated by a large number of people. Fantasy sports tournaments are held today by the leading sports leagues. Soon they will be known in many countries of the world.

In fantasy sports, the best players are selected from among the people who have applied for participation. It is necessary to make a team from the selected players. The result of a fantasy team determines the total number of points that players will score during real matches (assists, goals, saves).

Fantasy sports are traditionally played throughout the season, but in daily fantasy sports, you can score your players in the morning, and by the time the games are over in the afternoon or evening, you will know who won, so it basically lasts for the day ( it’s in the name).

Daily fantasy sports are often played online through sites like DraftKings, FanDuel, or PlayerSX with random people you bump into, and this is obviously different from long season games.

The idea behind daily fantasy sports is to build your team that will accumulate the most landings, yards received, and other key stats. You can compile a list of the best players you can pick without going over the top of your salary.

This is really wrong, as it is not really every day. Your best bet is to think of Weekend Fantasy Football rather than Season, Recalculation, or Dynasty. The basic mechanism for DFS is that you prepare a new command every weekend. DFS product positioning is often more gambling or competition oriented, but this is orthogonal. You might have a DFS league that doesn’t cost money and doesn’t give you money to win.

Daily versus season

 On any day when the game is on, you (the user) can create a squad and play. This is in contrast to traditional full season fantasy sports where you build a team in the first week and spend the season managing your team. Other DFS games (DraftKings & FanDuel) provide various sports such as: NFL, MLB, NBA, golf and others. Again, you can rest assured that there is some kind of sport to play every day when the game is on. In the rare event that there is no game on that day, you simply select players from the next game day.

How statistics and evaluation work

As you mentioned, DFS takes real stats from athletes and converts them into points. Specifically in the UK, we receive our statistics from Opta, which is a sports data company.

Game types

There are many different types of games in DFS games:

  • 1v1 Draft You are 1v1 versus another opponent. You both take turns building the lineup, and you are counterclockwise. You have 2 minutes for each move, and you cannot share the same players.
  • The dream Team. You create a 5-sided dream team and pit it against a group of other fantasy players. Here users place small bets but win big.
  • The top 2 in the group win money

Final part. Why do I need Reddit?

Despite the number of gaudy subreddits and trolls, this site is, for the most part, the best variation on what a social network has to offer. Thanks to strict moderation and a rating system, materials of more or less high quality pass to the top. Subscribe to a dozen or two topics that interest you, and every day you can consume good content that will help in self-development. No photos of children of half-forgotten acquaintances, no snotty posts of personal content – just a content aggregator based on human response.

Well, the main difference between the site is its high-quality discussions. No wonder many news sites periodically reprint entire threads from here – there are a lot of interesting things here, often in the comments. High-quality discussions appear not only due to moderators and ratings, but also due to the widest coverage of the audience.

There are no uniform rules in fantasy sports. That is why this responsibility falls on the shoulders of the tournament organizers, who try to think through everything to the smallest detail. Tournament rules can vary significantly, so those wishing to take part in the game should first familiarize themselves with the rules. In most cases, the rules regulate the number of athletes, the number of fantasy points, the salary ceiling (in daily tournaments), the rules for recruiting athletes, the ability to change players in a team, and the distribution of the prize fund.

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