Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting sites

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting sites

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  • The ability to install on any device.
  • A variety of modes, maps.
  • An extensive community.
  • The ability to play online at any time.
  • Toxic community.
  • Graphics.
  • Rare updates.

Creating a game that will be at the peak of popularity for many years is not the easiest task! But the creators of CSGO – Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation – succeeded 100%. Otherwise, how can we explain the fact that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been firmly in the first positions in esports betting lately?! This multiplayer shooter has made a real splash in the video entertainment market. And today we may observe two communities in the world at once: those, who play CSGO, and those, who bet on it.

Best CSGO Betting Sites
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Besides, the game itself entered the market at the end of summer 2012 and became the fourth in the list of original Counter-Strike versions. Experts note CSGO has some similar features to Counter-Strike Source. Although, the CSGO graphics are certainly higher than all previous versions. This is one of the reasons for such frenzied popularity of betting on esports games. You will learn more about CSGO betting, the list of the best betting sites, and strategies from the review below.

How to Bet on CS:GO

You can play a free shooter, you can watch others play, and you can earn real money on this. And if you look at the statistics of the last couple of years, the winning amounts on esports bets are estimated in millions of $US! And so, the bookmakers of esports betting are experiencing a real popularity boom.

The mass passion for esports, which not so long ago took the world of gambling by storm, led to the numerous betting sites launching. And many of them offer quite favorable conditions for betting on CSGO. But how do I start betting on this multiplayer shooter game? We offer you a short but informative guide:

  1. Search for a reputable betting site with CSGO tournaments.
  2. Sign up on it.
  3. Deposit some cash for gambling.
  4. Pick a CSGO match.
  5. Choose a betting option and learn about the current odds.
  6. Place a money wager.
  7. From mow on you can await the gaming result and claim your cash winnings.

CSGO betting does not differ from other types of sports betting stuff. Here everything follows a single instruction that is easy to understand and apply. The main condition is to find a trustworthy betting platform, so that in the future you will be successful, and not disappointed.

Types of Bets on CS:GO

Professional CSGO punters are people, who have achieved maximum skill in this type of sports game. They got such skills for a reason, – after many months of constant training. The same can be said about professional bettors for esports. To start making real money on this, you need to practice a lot, be able to think strategically, analyze, observe and remember. If you have experience in CS:GO games as an esports player it will be easier for you to evaluate the results, and develop profitable strategies during betting. And you also need to learn how to choose the right bets.

So, popular bets on CS:GO are:

  1. 1st Round Pistol Winner. In 2021, many top sites offer a bet on the winner in the first round from a pistol. Most often, with such a bet, the chances are 50/50 but sometimes they come in favor of certain teams;
  2. Over/Under Maps. This wager is the same as in basketball or volleyball, for example. It goes for the number of points scored more/fewer. In this sense, Over/Under Maps in CSGO allow you to bet on more/less rounds. Since a CSGO match consists of 30 rounds, with this type of betting, the match ends if the winning team has won 16 rounds;
  3. Handicap Bets. This bet may differ in coefficients quite a lot. It depends on how much the bookmakers prefer one of the teams. Handicap Bets provide excellent chances for the teams that are most likely to win the match;
  4. Most Kills. This bet is easy to understand from its title. A bettor just place a wager on the player, which are expecting to kill the most people in the match.

Pick up any option, find out the coefficients, and place a bet, because this is the only way to break a huge win in CS:GO. And remember that different betting sites offer different chances for a punter to win.

Best CSGO Betting Sites

Choosing a reliable and profitable betting website for CSGObetting is not the easiest matter. Especially today, when the gambling market offers us so many options. Trust the opinion of experts, and try your first bets on esports on these gambling platforms:

All these virtual bookmakers offer us the best chances to win on CSGO betting. These are legal platforms that have a valid license from the state of Curacao. Also, all these platforms provide their customers with around-the-clock support services, including live chat, direct phone call, email, and a frequently asked questions section. Also, here you will discover a wide section with reliable payment operators. It is safe and profitable to place bets on the sites from the list above. Try it, and see for yourself!


Why bet on CSGO? Ask this question to thousands of bettors worldwide, who have been choosing this particular sports event for many years. Today, almost all online bookmakers choose this sport as the general offer. CSGO matches are held almost everywhere on the planet in different leagues and at different skill levels.

If you follow esport trends, you probably know about the top three options: LoL, Dota 2, CSGO. But CSGO has a special atmosphere, and the chances for bettors in this game are the highest. The game has many exciting modes. CSGO gives amazing emotions to both punters and viewers. And of course, bettors get special pleasure, because with the right forecast they can earn a lot of money here.

When you place bets on CSGO, you feel your involvement in the general hot action that unfolds on the screen between the players. It is much more interesting to watch the victory of your favorite team when you win together with them. And this is another advantage of betting on CSGO. Also, in the process, you can be close to your friends, you will worry about the outcome together, rejoice in the victory together, predict future events together, etc. It’s really so cool and incomparable!

Is CSGO Betting Legal?

If you pick legal gambling, you are on the right way. And in this sense, CSGO bets are 100% suitable for you. They are legal if you choose licensed sites for the game. Of course, there are many offshore betting platforms operating in the world today, but it is your and only your decision on which site to place sports bets. Betting experts recommend beginners be careful before making a deposit or entering personal data on betting sites with no license.

How do I understand that a betting site is legal? You can choose a platform from our top list of CSGO betting platforms. Also, if you intend to search for a gaming platform for betting by yourself, pay attention to the presence of a valid permit from the licensing authorities. As a rule, information about this is located at the bottom of the betting site page. Each licensed CSGO betting site will have a logo at the bottom.

Most CSGO gambling sites are licensed and regulated by the jurisdiction of Curacao. Only the best CSGO betting sites are eligible for a license. All of them must adhere to strict rules and protocols before receiving them. Moreover, they have to play by the rules to keep them.


When you place bets on esports, for example, CSGO, you never risk your safety. But only if you play on a legal platform. Therefore, always choose only a well-regulated and licensed sports betting site.

In 2021, you can also find fraudulent services on the Internet. They can offer you higher odds for winnings and lots of juicy bonuses. But you should not trust such dubious resources. Choose betting platforms from our list and have fun safely.

CSGO Betting Markets

In 2021, you will find lots of major events with the participation of top CSGO players, where you can make your most successful bets. The best betting markets are:

  1. ESL Pro League. A sports event that takes place every two years. It is organized by the ESL company with the participation of the 24 best teams on the planet. In 2021, the ESL Pro League is held in the 14th season;
  2. BLAST Premier. This is another popular betting market, which is launched every two years in spring and autumn. It is divided into two stages: the Group Stage, the Showdown and Season Finals, and the penultimate World Final at the end of the season. The BLAST Premier season is a cycle of 7 esports events, offering many options for CSGO betting;
  3. Flashpoint market. This is the first CSGO franchise league, where 8 partner teams compete for two seasons each year. The league recently changed its format to match the RMR ratings for CSGO due to the pandemic

Also, such tournaments as IEM Katowice and ESL One Cologne are highly attended. The global elite takes part in these events. They are held twice a year, at the beginning and in the middle.


CSGO events 2021 promise some really grandiose things. As the world expects more lenient measures regarding lockdown this autumn, the CSGO betting world is waiting for the return of the biggest events.

In general, the biggest events for CSGO betting are:

  • BLAST Premier Global Final;
  • BLAST Premier Spring and Fall;
  • IEM XV World Championship;
  • ESL Pro League;
  • DreamHack Masters Summer;
  • ESL One Cologne.

And very soon we will all be waiting for a cool event of the Major level.

Major CSGO Events To Watch Out For In 2021

At least one major CSGO championship will be held in 2021. The last CSGO mass event was the 2019 StarLadder Major, which was held in Berlin. Those days Australia became the champion, defeating AVANGARD in the Grand Final. Poor year 2020 was taken out of broadcasts for objective reasons due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The next major championship will be held in Sweden. PGL CS GO Championship Series will be held in Stockholm from October 23, 2021 to November 07, 2021. The amount of prize money $2 000 000.

PGL CS:GO Championship Series will be held in 4K resolution, which will make it the first event in history to be demonstrated in stunning video quality. The organizers of the Swedish Major 2021 promised to introduce additional effects in the arena space and design, which will include fantastic elements of augmented reality in this case.

Top 5 CSGO Betting Tips

To win at sports betting, analyze events, carefully observe the dynamics of the game process, and choose the most successful strategy. Here are some guides for those, who are just going to take the first steps in CS:GO betting.

Research your bet

As in all other sports disciplines, such as cricket, tennis or football, esports games have special principles of gameplay. However, the types of bets are usually the same everywhere. Many modern bookmakers offer various types of wagers with different coefficients. So, the most popular bet is CS:GO Single. Here the bettor predicts a specific result and places a bet on it. Explore all types of bets before entering the game.

Watch the live stream

To evaluate the possible results, a deep understanding of the game mechanics is often required. Thanks to tournaments and competitive matches available for broadcast at any time, you can easily learn the strategies and tactics on how to make small or big bets. The more you watch a game tournament or match in a live stream, the more you will learn, and you will begin to notice the general strategies and techniques used in a competitive game. Live streaming is definitely the best way to keep up to date with the current state of the game.

Don’t over complicate bets

Experienced sports bettors try not to overcomplicate bets. They concentrate on one sport, in which they are very well versed, analyze the inflated and underestimated coefficients set by the bookmaker, and make their bet. Success is achieved only by those who approach the issue of betting with full responsibility and do it rationally and without emotions. Of course, you can win a lot on any bets, but according to statistics, only the lucky ones manage to do this, and not as often as we would like.

Explore the markets

In 2021, the global online space of cyber entertainment is represented by several leading markets. Each option has its own specifics, participants, chances, locations, and so on. Before entering into betting, study each market at least minimally.

Bet Responsibly

Before you go on a journey to CSGO esports betting, take some time to learn the low and high odds and how to predict events. The betting odds reflect the probability that an event will occur and therefore determine how much money you will win. Instead of betting on blind instinct, the key point is to be more informed about the games you choose.

Players’ FAQs

Can you still gamble on CSGO?

Yes, CS:GO gambling is still a great thing. It is the classic form of CS:GO gambling. There are many types of gambling, like roulette, jackpot, cheap table games, etc.

Are CSGO betting sites legit?

Betting on CSGO in 2021 is legal if these platforms have the appropriate permission. If you are looking for a reliable and regulated bookmaker, then choose a platform from our top list.

What age do I have to be to bet on CSGO?

You can bet coins on esports, including CSGO, if you are already 18 years old.

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