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 With the arrival of the Summer Split LCS, the Fantasy League will start. A game that allows you to create a team of your favorite EU&NA LCS players. Your team can compete with friends every week and lead your team to victory in the league. It all starts with the fact that you create your own League, invite your friends to it and start drafting players.

Or they invite you. You follow the link to the league page, name your team and wait for the league creator to start drafting players. According to the rules, the draft cannot begin until the League is completely filled with players.

Creating your own team

You build your dream team by drafting (alternate pick) about players from both LCS. There are 7 positions in the team:

  • Top;
  • Jungle;
  • Mid;
  • Adc;
  • Support;
  • Flexible player (libero);
  • Team (about a team, for example Gambit or TSM).

Draft takes place in real time, a player is given 1 minute to choose, players can be sorted by position or found by name. When it’s your turn to choose, you simply drag and drop the player you want into an empty slot on your team.

Every week you can change your starting lineup depending on the hotstreaks of the players and the complexity of the team schedule. These decisions will affect your team’s success at the end of the week. With the start of the LCS game week, your squad is locked and you can start editing your squad for the next weeks.

Who can participate in fantasy-lcs?

Anyone with a lol account can participate in fantasy lcs! Also, there are no server restrictions in fantasy lcs.

Can i contact or leave messages to other team owners in my league?

Yes, Fantasy LCS has a chat box that you can use to chat with other players in the league. Once you have selected a league, take a look at the chat window by clicking on the cloud icon at the top right (as shown in the image below). Each league has its own chat.

Can i choose players from lpl, ogn or gpl champions? i want to have a faker in the team!

No, only na and eu lcs players are available.

Can i create a league / select players after the lcs season begins?

Of course! if you join after the split has started, all past weeks (and the current one) simply won’t count.

What happens if i move my account?

If you transfer it, you will have to re-create the league.

Can i change players with my league members?

Yes, players can now be exchanged – click on the “exchange” tab at the top of the page.

How many leagues can i create, how many join?

Today you can be in 20 leagues, both yours and others.

Can i create a league and select players after the lcs season begins?

Yes! however, the recruited players will not earn points for the matches already played.

Can i remove my league?

You can only delete a league if you have not started recruiting players yet. to remove a league, open the my league tab on the fantasy lcs website and click remove league.

How do i remove a player from the league? how to leave the league?

Currently, you can neither leave the league nor exclude participants. we listened to your feedback and are working in this direction, but so far, unfortunately, these opportunities have not been implemented.

Can i change the name of the league?

No you can not.

Can i change the name of the team?

 Yes, you can change the team name on the my league tab on the fantasy lcs website.

How to approve the composition of a dream team?

You can approve and change the main squad every week before the start of matches. Any changes made afterwards will not be applied. Since the eu and na matches start on different days, the squads will be unavailable for changes at different times. Do not forget to check your main squad at the beginning of the week, otherwise the players you need may remain on the bench!

The league winner will receive any awards?

Rewards for participating or winning – like any other reward – are not available in Fantasy LCS. We will let you know if the situation changes.

Is playoff included in the fantasy-lcs season?

No, only regular season matches (up to the playoffs) will count towards the scoring for your Fantasy League.

How to earn team points?

Points are awarded for all matches played by the team. Points are credited within 10 minutes after the end of the match. Please be patient.

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