Trying to satisfy the needs of gamers, the developers of computer games are constantly releasing new products. However, there are a number of fairly old projects, the interest in which does not subside over time. One of them is League of Legends. A review of the legendary game for beginners will help you understand why it is loved all over the world.

The RPG video game, which is a vivid example of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre, was released by the famous American company Riot Games back in 2009. In 2016, its audience around the world was 100 million players monthly. Today the number of fans continues to grow.

Each League of Legends match is a separate battle, unlike the previous one. In it, you cannot influence the gameplay by transferring any items from one round to another. Only the accumulated experience will be useful.

League of Legends game features

First, you need to choose the runes and spells that will be required to destroy opponents. If you plan to participate in rating matches, then you must first go through the ban stage. It will appear as game hours accumulate and will allow you to exclude certain characters.

League of Legends is one of the most popular competitive games. The project has completely revolutionized the idea of ​​esports and won the hearts of millions of gamers around the world. Here are the most charming heroes who are imitated by thousands of cosplayers at all gaming events and the largest community that an online project can imagine.


Any new player will be greeted by a mandatory tutorial that introduces the basic mechanics of the game. You will fight with mobs, play on behalf of several heroes and get acquainted with the location of the store. Unfortunately, this is not enough. Most of the really necessary actions (opening characters, setting up runes) are not included in the tutorial and will have to be learned on your own.

The project has an indicator – the account level. After spending about 7 hours in the game (14 games), you will have access to all game modes and mechanics. From the very beginning, you find yourself in the arena, where, gradually conducting battles, you will gain the skills of what is what. You will also receive a set of champions – some you can choose yourself, others can be obtained for completing a challenge.

About once in two games, a low-level enemy will come across, which is capable of killing 5 people from the team in one. But do not despair, you can go back, re-pass the test and win.

The gameplay of the game is extremely dynamic and requires maximum concentration of attention. All competitions are held on special arena maps. This is a battlefield for two teams, which can differ in the location of objects, trails and the atmosphere in general. The lines on these maps got their names from English – top – top, mid – middle, bot – bottom, as well as part of the map – forest.

Runes are a set of additional skills or characteristics that will become available upon reaching the 8th level of the account. This set will be the same for almost all characters. The main difference will be whether you play as a support hero or a damage hero.

There are more than 140 characters here. And all of them need to be bought for in-world currency. You can get currency by completing daily tasks.

Set of items

Since the project in question belongs to the genre, here you will inevitably have to collect things for each character, because each of the heroes differs in his own style of play and abilities. Accordingly, it is necessary to carefully work out tactics and strategy. Items play an important role. Some of them provide a significant advantage in combat.

In order not to puzzle over which items to use for this or that character, go to the official website and find champions. Here is a full description of him, as well as a link to another site where you can see how other people and cybersportsmen played on this hero, what items they collected, on which line the character plays, his role, and so on. Game modes:

  • Summoner’s Rift is a normal mode, with a 5×5 layout and three lines where you can choose a character.
  • Aram – 5×5 mode with one lane and random selection of heroes.
  • Teamfight Tactics is an Auto Chess mode where you collect your team and have to hold out longer than your 7 opponents.
  • The book of absolute skills – the whole point of which is that instead of the usual skills, the hero has ults of other characters.

The game also features a rating of players and teams, so you can track your progress and achievements. The game was released over 10 years ago and has a separate launcher that does not expand to full screen. But at the same time, it is one of the most popular games in the world, with millions of prizes in tournaments.

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