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There are many significant codes in the RPG world. If you haven’t noticed AoE yet, then you haven’t mastered any game so well yet. 

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1. Area of effect

They can be everywhere, even in grenades, and in bloodthirsty spells, and they can also be in meteorite emissions in the sky.

The meaning of AoE can be understood as “Area of effect”. It consists of a set of encodings that include and organize using their names and functions. They can determine and calculate the range of attacks and spells.  

In simpler words, we can say that your attacks, the functions of the hero of the game and his spells have an impact on the area. Definitely not for one or more purposes.

Role-playing games have changed a lot in the meaning of video games, they are easily accessible with an interesting graphic design and many features. In the game, it seems that you are immersed in another world in which everything is fantastic and incredible. Many role-playing games cannot exist without this term. 

Area of effect against splash and split damage

There are also many misunderstandings in games that can affect the perception of games. Most players may be confused at the very beginning of the game, because both terms mean the defeat or injury of enemies, albeit partially. Therefore, the term splash damage can be considered as one of the types of AOE. So the “splash area” is the “Area of effect”.

If you look at it from another point of view, then we can have divided damage, which basically consists of several targets, this can divide the amount of damage. Even if the idea consists of the idea of hitting targets, then you do not need to be part of the AOE.

Let’s look at the example of all the moves that can hit enemy troops and games with Pokemon of the 3rd generation and move “Surf”. And on the other hand, this does not happen with moves that can hit absolutely all Pokemon during combat (with explosions and earthquakes).  By the way, it should be noted that all this has been fixed since the fourth generation. Therefore, due to such moves, the number of battles is reduced by about 25%. 

If we compare the split damage without using AOE, then you can use the Arcane Rockets card in Hearthstone, this card can deal only 3 damage to random enemies.

Which games support AOE?

In the world of video games, a lot of people support AoE, the use of which can save you. The most popular at the moment are: 


This is an exciting shooter game, you can be the main player. It consists of 6 by 6 groups that can fight in different missions and tasks. 

One of the special AoE in this game is Mei. She has her own “Blizzard” spell, which can control the crowd, and use it for AoE damage. In addition, Lucio’s AoE sound barrier can give an additional protective effect to allies who are within a radius of 30 meters near him. 

League of Legends

LoL is a game from the MOBA series, only it can compete with Dota2. She has been the only MOBA with worldwide recognition for many years.

There are a lot of AoE here and they are diverse. You can perform them on visible and invisible areas, it depends on your skills. In the game, chain AoE can be used against enemies randomly at the scene after it has been hit (for example, Brand’s Pyroclasm).

There are also such AOE that occur after your character attacks enemies nearby (for example, the ”Curse of the Sad Mummy” Amumu). Even if the area in front of you is affected in a linear or cone-shaped way.

In the League Wiki, you can see in detail how each rank, AoE value and types in the game are measured. They can increase from the points received during the game. To measure the AoE rank, you need to look at the distance to the end point, the main thing is that the aura “The Fury of the Sands” enemy Nasa could not catch up with you.  


This is one of the most important esports games, it is ideal to work with AoE codes.

In this game, AoE is most needed in PSD6-10 and SSD9-10 formats. They can be used on waves of minions, which are affected by the funnel and they are grouped. In the game, attacks on the terrain with arson cost much more than traffic police. 

Dota 2

This world-famous game is a continuation of DOTA. She, along with starcraft, served as the entrance of esports to stadiums.

In AoE, it is the game that is significant in the team strategy of this game, especially in those games that can give additional special effects (for example, the attraction of Magnus for a second, which attracts and stuns enemies, for your victory). 

Clash Royale

The value of AOE in games remains the same, even if they are different games in structure. How to apply AOE in Clash Royale? The wizard can deal a full blow to all minions with his spell. In the same way, dragon attacks can affect some area. 

World of Warcraft

Even the old MMORPG also has AOE damage. 

In general, warriors should kill opponents one by one, but with the help of AOE they can pump magicians pretty fast.

2. Amateur esports 

AoE often organizes esports tournaments in Oceania. They provide technology and space for more than 800 players, helping them develop. 

An event is organized for AAOL every year, in which more than 500 players participate. The competition lasts about 10 weeks.

AOE is a community that strives to support players, observers and directors so that they can gain experience and new knowledge. 

3. The Age of Empires

The most significant for AoE may be the “Age of Empires”, this is a real-time strategy game.

The game takes place between the Stone Age and the Iron Age. Players can choose any civilization and play with their abilities. 

Empire-era esports wasn’t popular until Microsoft raffled off a $60,000 prize for the game.

Age of Empire, though not a well-known person, but still it has its place in the Olympic Games in electronic sports.

The term AoE can be easily understood if you understand what it is about. Now you just need to understand how it will be measured in different games.

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