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Unbelievable, but true: after the release of League of Legends, it did not have the usual rank system. The only thing that somehow reflected your level of play was a single rating, or as it is also called, MMR (Match Making Rating). It was expressed in one number, and whoever has more is, accordingly, the best player.

A similar ranking system was found in other competitive games, such as Starcraft: Brood War, however, it is not perfect. How big is the difference between a player with 1000 and 1200 MMR? And between 1000 and 1500? What should be the spread within the team for it to be more or less balanced? How many points are awarded for winning and how many points are deducted for losing? It is difficult, incomprehensible, and most importantly archaic. And in Season 3, Riot Games changes their rank system forever.

The leagues familiar to us appear – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and the League of Challengers. Each of the leagues, except the last, consists of five divisions (the Challengers have only one division), where the first is the strongest and the fifth is weaker than the others. So everything became much clearer: if one player has the rank of Silver II, and the other has Silver III, then the first player still plays better than the second, but the difference in skill between them is small, and they may well play in the same team. But taking Platinum I and Bronze IV into duo is not an idea.

Wait, what about Iron? Where are the Master and Grandmaster? These leagues appeared later. First, in the fourth season, the Master was introduced as an intermediate between the Diamond and the Challenger, then, when there were even more players, and it was more difficult for them to fit within the existing leagues, Iron appeared for the most inexperienced players and the Grandmaster for those who are already cramped in the Master, but they are not yet up to the Challenger. And the number of divisions was reduced to four.

It is worth saying that MMR has not gone anywhere from the game, it just now acts as a hidden rating. It is on him that the game is guided in qualifying matches, and he also determines how quickly you rise in the ranking or vice versa, fall to the bottom. But more on that later.

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League of Legends rank system today

The rank system is not available to a newcomer to LoL. First, he must pump to the twenty-fifth level. This is a reasonable limitation, because a newcomer to League of Legends does not yet know all the features of the game, and his ignorance can ruin the game even at low ranks. For example, if he came to League of Legends from Dota, where the team has completely different roles (by the way, do not miss our guide – Roles in LoL for beginners!), And tries to go as a support to the top lane, the others will simply consider him a troll.

By the twenty-fifth level, you already have an understanding of the rules and mechanics of the game, you usually already know which roles you like and which you do not, and you have a pool of favorite champions. You now have access to ranked games, but first, you need to complete them.

Qualifying matches

You have to play ten auto-match games to get your starting league and division and begin conquering the top of the ladder. The system has already collected some data about you while you took the 25th level, so the selection of players in the qualification will start from approximately equal to you. Winning, you will get to stronger opponents, losing – too weak ones, and after ten matches the game will sum up and give you the League and Division. So, we have the following leagues, from weakest to strongest:

  1. Iron.
  2. Bronze.
  3. Silver.
  4. Gold.
  5. Platinum.
  6. Diamond.
  7. Master.
  8. Grandmaster.
  9. Applicant.

And in each of them, there are four divisions from the fourth to the first. A beginner will not be able to calibrate immediately to Grandmasters, most likely, you will have a rank somewhere between Iron and Silver, but you should not despair! The game rewards those who win more often: the more victories in a row you make, the more MMR points you get, and the faster you grow in rank.

However, the opposite is also true – as you lose match after match, you will slide down faster and faster into a creepy place that players call to hell. Everyone has their own Elo Hell, and if you have already gone up to the Diamond in the game, and then ended up in Gold, you will be just as uncomfortable as the Gold player who fell into Bronze.

How to rise in rank in League of Legends?

How to change the division to a higher one? How to get from Silver to Diamond? The answer to this question is simple: win more often than lose. Whichever division the League of Legends calibration throws you into, you will earn points for winning and lose points for losing. Once you reach 100 points within a division, the game will prompt you to advance to the next division from a promo streak. It consists of three matches, during which points are not awarded, but if you win two of them, you get to the next division with a certain amount of points, which will allow you not to accidentally fall back after an unsuccessful match.

Having collected one hundred points in the first division of the league, you also get the right to a promotion, but this time everything is more difficult and the stakes are higher. Five matches and three cherished victories will transfer you from the annoying Bronze I to the coveted Silver IV. Well, or to the Master League away from these noobs from the Diamond. To each his own. If you lose a promotion streak, don’t worry: in the next promo, you will be automatically credited with one win. This is how the game encourages your efforts.

To sum up

If you win more often than you lose, you will move up the ranks. And this is exactly what you need to strive for. It is important to note that the rank in League of Legends is not permanent, and is reset at the end of each season, after which you have to qualify again. Your new position in the rankings depends not only on the success of the qualifying matches but also on the success achieved in the past season.

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