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Playerunknown’s Battle Grounds (or PUBG) is a crossplatform and massive-multiplayer computer videogame. This game one of the most popular videogames among players in Steam around the world. PUBG was created by game-developing studio Krafton and released by Chinese company Tencent in 2017. Genre of the game is first-person shooter.

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PUBG’s gameplay requires battle-royal tactical actions and simulates war as in real world. This game was created to bring player to the other side of a screen. The main task for you is to survive and stay alive the one on an island.

Every match starts from flying on plane, which contains 100 players in it. While plane is flying over the island, players choose where they will land and jump with parachutes. So it’s time for you to jump, now your task is to land earlier that others, because it will give you advantage to see where other players landed. So, when you did it, you must research abandoned houses and warehouses and pick up weapons from them to survive. Every enemy-contact will be challenge for you, because on the other side of line is playing another real person and he has logic and tactical strategy to survive in difference with computer bots from other games.

In this virtual world everybody is a gunman and all gunmen subdivides on 2 types: accurate and quick or dead. A lot of tasks solutes a human factor. Good luck to win.

Equipment and weapons

PUBG-developers added a lot of weapons and equipment in game. We have there a lot of different assault rifles, sniper rifles, pistols and pistol-machines, gun-machines and shotguns. And a lot of weapons has their real analogs. For example:

  • M1911;
  • Glock-18;
  • Berretta P92;
  • Nagan R1895.

Assault Rifles:

  • AKM;
  • HK 416;
  • AUG A3;
  • M16A4;
  • Groza;
  • SCAR-L;
  • Mk-47 Mutant-L;
  • QBZ 95.


  • S12K;
  • S1897;
  • S686.

Sniper rifles:

  • AWP;
  • Mini14;
  • Kar98K;
  • M24;
  • SKS;
  • VSS Vintorez.


  • M249;
  • DP-28.


  • UMP-45;
  • UZI;
  • Vector;
  • Tommy Gun.

Every type of weapon uses individual type of ammos that called “Caliber”. For example, AKM uses 7.62 and HK416 5.56 one. There is also crossbow with bows and lots of cold steals, that will be great solution if you’ve run out of bullets or you didn’t manage to pick up any weapon. To protect your body from bullets, developers added armors with helmets to the game, every of them has it’s own protection level.

Safe area on maps

To avoid taking much time from players to win, developers created safe-zone system. After all players landed, on the map we can spectate white thin circle, it is safe area limits. All players have some time to run into this circle, or they will die after running out of their health line. Every decreasing of safe zone causes decreasing of time players have. So, by ending of every match you should be very careful and keep yourself in safe-zone limits.

Specials drops

From time to time, the game will launch special plane, which will drop special box with elite equipment. It is another way to make players go out from their covers and face with each other. Only the strongest will take equipment from the crate. You can find in these boxes gun machines, sniper rifles, hard armors and camouflage.

Recommendations to win

PUBG – very hard game to win, but there are some recommendations how to increase your chances on winning:

  1. First and main recommendation is to always open fire from covers. It can be any wall, fence or rock. But buildings are very good places to take cover. Covers will increase your chances to survive under the enemy’s fire, if you’ve received hard wound, you can hide and use medicine to reduce your health.
  2. If it is a beginning or middle of a match, you can go through open-space areas, but in the end, when safe zone decreases, you should move from cover to cover even in crouch.
  3. Always estimate the situation around yourself and try to fight only with one enemy, try not to draw attention to yourself.
  4. Manage your fire mode. If enemy is on far distance, shoot him by single fire, in close contact you can use automatic mode. Also keep in mind your amount of ammos, reload on time.

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