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PUBG has a lot of reasons for being so popular for casual and serious players, but the Ranked Mode is the main reason. The rankings in-game are very helpful for seeing who’s on the same level as you are, and also finding other people of the same level to play with.

Getting to the top of the league has many more benefits than just getting to the top of the public ladder. However, explaining PUBG’s rank system can be tricky since it’s both complicated and confusing. It happens a lot behind closed doors, so players are left wondering how exactly they can improve their ranking, or why they’re ranked the way they are.

PUBG ranks can be a bit more challenging than CSGO ranks or Valorant ranks, especially when it comes to time and effort. But even if you don’t absolutely dominate every lobby, you can still get a decent rank. In this guide, you can learn about the PUBG ranked system, what determines what tier you’re in, and what you can do to improve your ranking.

Let’s look at some basic tips and tricks for getting a high PUBG rating the easy way.

Is PUBG’s rank system cool? How does it work?

I guess it’s fair to say that the PUBG rank system resets at the beginning of every season. Consequently, you’ll place higher in the ranking mode by doing this. You’ll be able to play 10 different games at the start of the game. If you want to start the season at the right rank, you need to figure out the results of these games. According to the PUBG rankings, you’re ranked like this:

  • Bronze. You need fewer than 1500 points to qualify.
  • The Silver category is for points between 1500-1999.
  • To become eligible for Gold, you must have at least 2000 points.
  • To qualify for Platinum, you need between 2500 and 2999 points.
  • To qualify for Diamond, you need between 3000 and 3499 points.
  • To be eligible for Master, you must have at least 3500 points.
  • Grandmasters are the top 500 players on the ranked ladder.

Each rank is divided into five divisions, starting at the 5th rank and proceeding all the way down to the 1st rank. If you reach that point, you’ll automatically be moved to division 5 of the next rank.

As you can probably tell, there are fewer points between ranks in this ranked system than in other games. You can lose points just as easily as you can gain them. As a result, gradually increasing them becomes increasingly difficult, and the corresponding progression through the ranks remains challenging, even when only 100 points are needed.

You’ll get half a rank from a chicken dinner at the lower ranks, but the number of points you gain decreases as you get higher.

There are different ranked modes in PUBG

The scores of players in PUBG are tied to their accounts, so there’s no substantial pool of players who are ranked. There are different rankings depending on the game mode you’re engaged in. There’s a specific ranking system for each game mode, depending on what you’re competing in. If you play first or third person, you’ll be playing in a different rated mode, so any lowered points won’t affect your other scoring mode.

There was also a ranked ladder for different squad sizes in the game. In total, we can say that the ranked system in PUBG is quite nicely divided up with a lot of different areas you can compete in.

PUBG Corp has engaged different ranked queues in different regions, based on what they think players will like. Listed below are the competition levels in each region:

  • In EU countries: Ranked Squad (TPP/FPP), Ranked Solo (FPP only).
  • KR: Ranked Solo, Ranked Squads (TPP only).
  • AS: Ranked Squad (FPP and TPP), Ranked Solo (TPP only).
  • SE Asia: Ranked Squad (FPP/TPP).
  • NA, RU, SA, OC have Ranked Squads (FPP only).

What’s the most effective way to get more ranking in PUBG?

It’s not impossible to get the rank you want in PUBG. There are a few ways you can accomplish this. You’ll achieve Platinum on your first try if you follow these 5 simple steps. You’re unlikely to get Master and Diamond on your first attempt, but Platinum is totally doable.

  1. Play one mode: You can choose between first-person, third-person, or with a bunch of people. Basically, there aren’t a lot of options. By playing just one mode, you get more time with the ranked system. If you do things this way, you’ll have a better chance of rising through the ranks.
  2. Ranking depends a lot on survival. Surviving is one of the most effective ways to make it to the top. You won’t get a ton of kills right away, but it’s less risky since you’re not as likely to die a lot. Your placement points can get you a Platinum rank. When you meet all of the above requirements, racking up enough kills is also imperative.
  3. In ranked mode, playing a lot of matches is the most effective way to rank well. As a result, you’ll get rewarded for playing more than for playing well. When you play and place in the top 10 for a long time, your score will rise.
  4. It’s easier to rank solo than rank a squad in a lot of games. You’ll have a much easier time reaching the highest rankings (Platinum+) if you’re playing alone or in a squad, in PUBG full of squads. Snakes usually get a lot of placement points and survive late in the game due to players pooling together and playing from their positions.
  5. There’s an old saying: “A team deathmatch a day keeps potato shots at bay.”. In fact, if you engage in TDM for 30 minutes a day, you’ll improve your dueling skills and your survival skills, both of which will improve your rank.
Is there a way to get better at PUBG as soon as possible?

PUBG is a tough game, so be careful not to just jump from the map to map and fail a lot. As long as you deal with the match in a timely manner, you’ll reduce the time it takes you to play and you’ll get better. Watch official PUBG Esports streams to learn how to navigate the map and find other players.

Plus, PUBG streamers like Wackyjacky101 and TGLTN are excellent sources for getting insight into the game through their streams and videos. Additionally, some of the most skilled PUBG players livestream their public matches, so you can see how they handle different situations on the map.

Last but not least, the Shooting Range and Team Deathmatch are both excellent venues for improving your gun skills, practicing weapon spray recoils, and getting used to bullet distances.

Ratio-based matchmaking: how does it work?

There’s a reasonable chance that your PUBG rank will rise up if you kill so many people that you become the last man standing. This is especially if there are a lot of people with the same skill level as you. Since you’ve proven you’re better than them, you’ll be able to clearly see that you’ve surpassed them. In the same way, if your game is terrible, it will be impacted too. Because you’ve proved you’re not as good as other players on your level, you’ll lose some of your rankings. It’s probably clear by now.

In an unobvious way, PUBG matches players with the same skill level as you. Therefore, a player with a low KDA and a high ranking might end up in a lobby with a low ranking player. In addition, there aren’t a lot of ranked players in PUBG, so the system mismatches players in a lobby.

You’re more likely to advance if you consistently place among the final survivors despite your kill count.

You can easily boost your position if you use any of these techniques. Unlike most first-person shooters, the game has a simpler rank system, but it’s more difficult to get. If you keep a stellar survival record during the season, you will advance in the PUBG rank system and earn some rewards.

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