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The Fortnite MLK event is a strange mocking reaction and an unsuccessful crossover

Fortnite free shooter has been a very popular game in recent seasons. Almost every gamer has heard about it, and in many ways, even had experience playing it. And the Fortnite universe itself has undergone many changes and a lot of new things. Even despite the popularity of the game, few people thought that Fortnite would become so broad in terms of capabilities. But the recently added crossover video game looks pretty strange.

 A new event dedicated to Dr. Martin King has started this week.

 And it looks really strange compared to past events. The event itself was intended to be educational. But many have noted that it is very tasteless, especially in the Fortnite shooter. This event led to the fact that many began to discuss this topic, and naturally many were indignant.


The MLK crossover at first glance seems to be one of the worst and most boring events that Fortnite has held. But this is not some ordinary crossover there. You will not be able to immediately put on the doctor’s skin and use it. This is a separately prepared area where gamers will be able to view this content.

 The “March in Time” mode was set at the same time as the “Time” magazine. Gamers will be able to travel to areas similar to Washington, D.C., and see the culture of Dr. King. The mode does not allow you to use the usual Fortnite gameplay. But that doesn’t mean you won’t see other players in strange skins. While the Doctor’s skin is unavailable, you can only open new themed sprays after the event.

When loading into game mode, you’ll probably be greeted with tips on how head shots do extra damage before you learn about Martin Luther King Jr. This is the least annoying. In fact, it’s quite strange. This caused a somewhat mixed reaction.

 When you first start this game mode, you will most likely be greeted with advice that shooting in the head is the most effective, because it causes the most damage, but until you read them, the story of Martin King Jr. will not be available. And this is the smallest part that is annoying. This move is very strange. It caused a lot of reactions in many people, but few positive ones.

What did Epic Games say to this?

Because of the haight, the company had to act quickly. And as a result, she quickly removed all emotions from the event, except those that were created specifically for this event. And such a move as turning Fortnite into a more informative game that teaches on top of fun is quite reasonable. But no matter how hard they tried on this event, which was initially focused on the United States, it did not bear fruit. Many people who live outside the states are simply not interested in this, and this only exacerbates the recent creative crises of Epic Games.

 Personally, I think it’s better to cancel all this. Epic Games only spends its strength, and all this gives nothing: it doesn’t educate something, and it doesn’t entertain people. Of course, creating such live events is very cool and spectacular, but it does little to keep players in the game. As for me, it would be better to look at where the Fortnite universe will go from this point and how it will develop. I hope that in the future the company will create its content more carefully so as not to receive such criticism.

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