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With the hopes of getting the CS:GO competition back on track in the coming year, we aim to witness a historic shift in leadership in the professional Counter-Strike arena. With that in mind, our team has updated our list of the top 5 CS:GO gamers of 2021.

Who has earned the right to be named this year’s best CS:GO gamer?

Over the past two years, specifically from early 2020 until now, we’ve seen almost no LAN’s in the game, hence the internet environment has made adjustments to the playing styles of professional athletes and teams in general. When we talk about victories and expectations among players, it’s safe to say that the current season has indeed exceeded expectations and is unlikely to change. The battle to put yourself on the historic list of the best players in CS:GO for 2021 counts an incredible number of contenders, and the places remain relevant to this day.

Here’s a closer look at the list of the best CS:GO gamers for 2021 who have earned their spots today.


To any viewer, even the most inexperienced is hard to deny the fact that s1mple is incredibly talented and of course is unequivocally the top and best player in the history of CS:GO. Even considering the fact that Alexander had a very successful previous two years (2019-2020), he still couldn’t surpass the achievements of another incredible gamer – ZywOo. Maybe not in everything, but looking at the HLTV ranking data, the conclusion is unequivocal. This year, Kostylev had a challenge that led him to a successful year and made him a top 5 player in CS:GO for 2021.

You can’t put up with his fiery style of play and, of course, his deadly aim. Even when s1mpla’s gameplay maneuvers are transparent, opponents still can’t get anything going and find a control. If Kostilyov takes over the game, he is virtually unstoppable.

Nevertheless, Natus Vincere still needs to raise the level of team play before the end of 2021. After this year’s incredible victory at the CS:GO: Dreamhack Masters Spring tournament, they seem to have relaxed a bit, as many would say. The team was never able to achieve the same in-game results as the team’s overall conditioning as they did in this competition. But despite all these unpleasant moments, S1mple remains a high level professional with excellent skills. There is no doubt that he is the man who influences the whole team and tries to lead it to victory no matter what it costs him.  Alexander makes NaVi the odds-on favorite for CS:GO betting.


After the Mousesports team left player Karrigans, all analysts, and ordinary fans of the game did not give the team a chance and assumed that the team will eventually disintegrate. In addition to such sad assumptions, the whole world did not expect ropz to be able to cope with all the failures and go to the tournament to show his spirit and the will to win. He is exactly the part of the team that can safely be called both the soul and the heart of the playing squad. Thanks to him, he was able to lead the team to a triumphant victory, which also earned him a place among the top five players in the CS:GO game in 2021.

Maintaining and reinforcing his own playing position, capturing initial kills, and playing deadly were universal keys to success for the Mousesports team. A key component that has given Ropz such credibility and support among the community is the way he shows himself during the excitement and pressure of opponents. In every match, he’s keenly aware of what to expect and how he needs to act if he wants to pull out a win. He seems to have ice, not blood, running through his veins as he wins nearly every clutch in the most dangerous and important moments of battle.

When Mousesports does not have ropz all analysts rule out the possibility of winning the team, because he contributes to the fact that they can become an incredibly difficult opponent for any team, as well as, however, beat anyone in this world.


Gambit was and is the best and biggest team in 2021. Much of the credit for their creepy AWPer, goes to sh1ro. Sokolov was once just an ordinary guy no one knew, but over time and the rise to the top of his Gambits team, sh1ro was able to achieve incredible success while beating some of the best players in CS:GO. Dimitri fought against skilled AWPers every time and showed observers a high level of professionalism and skill. Dev1ce, S1mplie, Cadian, ZywOo, Jame and others.

His playing style is quite unusual, because it’s dynamic and fun, Sh1ro was able to create quite a few cool videos in the last couple of months. His style seems invulnerable and impossible to deal with.  This is clearly demonstrated by his personal debut kill stats as well.

  • In his debut, he killed 359 players
  • A total of 164 enemy kills
  • His opening kill percentage is 2.19
  • The team’s win percentage on first kill is 78.00%

This demonstrates exactly how much of an impact it has on all players on the team. It remains amazing how he manages to combine opening kills in such a timely and consistent manner.  In the current meta system, it’s crucial to keep AWP from round to round.  This is another component where sh1ro has produced excellent results and has rightfully earned a spot on the list of the best players in Counter-Strike today.


We think it would be silly to make a list of the best professional CS:GO gamers of 2021 and not include the French wunderkind. The main reason why the Vitality team is still worth something and has a place in the rankings, even without considering their huge slump in combat, is because Mathieu Gerbaut is on the team! When he comes into the game, none of the opponents are able to fight him back. Despite the team’s lackluster performances this year, ZywOo is still at the top, displaying his incredible playmaking skills and superiority.

After being listed as one of the best of the best in 2021 by expert HLTV, Gerbaut is eager to do everything he can to ensure that his team has more victories once the LAN tournaments return at the end of the year. ZywOo is definitely worthy of his place in the top 5 of the best players in CS:GO, because he clearly shows that being at the top of the food chain doesn’t just happen. When it comes to showing off his skills, Mathieu is able to overpower an enemy with literally any weapon he has. For such an inexperienced player, he has tremendous marksmanship, and his incredible feel for the game leads to off the charts excitement and wonder. 

Even excluding the fact that the team has never shown any outstanding results lately, still a 2-to-0 margin of victory against Gambit may indicate that the company is on the road to the top.


NiKo is someone who can safely be called the exceptional and gifted player of all time in the mechanical department. He doesn’t have in-game bursts and explosions like S1mple or lack the deadly and unexpected power of sh1ro, but his mechanics are unique and hardly anyone can find the exact same or even close to him. In the last time slot, you could see the cohesion of G2 as a team, which gave NiKo the opportunity to use the resulting space for good. JacKz contributed to this and allowed NiKo to concentrate on his individual gameplay. Now, immediately after his return to the secondary AWPer position, Kovacs’ impact became tangible and visible. Instead of mastering his new role as an AWPer, he has the ability to conduct head shots, as he liked to do earlier in his career as a professional CS:GO player.

With his amazing clutch stats, NiKo has convinced everyone that the 1vX situation is in safe hands and under control. With +7 clutches already in 1v1, as well as 10 clutches from 1v2 that were won in the previous 3 months, he clearly shows that he has regained his former confidence every time.

Now that G2 is back in contention with the world’s best teams, with solid victories, he is once again the favorite to bet on CS:GO matches.

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