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Skins production and selling is the main source of income of the Valve team that is involved in CS:GO since this game could be installed for free. This cosmetic feature has been introduced in 2013 and changed the market. Not everyone knows that the overall turnover from skin selling was more than 5 billion dollars.

The market was overflown with those cosmetic features. But there were some skins that stood out because they are rare and somewhat beautifully designed. Keep in mind that those skins could be traded on an online platform and as on every market there are extra valuable and rare goods. If you own those skins, you can get rich in an instant.

Souvenir Dragon Lore AWP

The value of this skin starts at 2500$ and could reach 30000$. The price is so high because this is the most popular weapon in this game. This is also one of the rarest drops and this is why it is considered to be legendary. It was pretty difficult to obtain because you had to compete on a certain map.

There are 1 in 250 k chances that this skin will drop after playing on the Cobblestone map. But this map has been removed from the pro circuit pool so no one can get it anymore. That is why this skin is extremely rare and valuable.

StatTrak M4A4 Howl

Right now Howl starting price is 2100 $ and it could reach 8000$. This skin is as rare as the previous one. The design is very dope and that is why pro players tend to hunt for Howl. When this skin has been released it was not that rare but now things had changed. It has been removed from the collection because of copyright issues.

In 2020 someone has bought this super rare skin for 130000$. This is one of the most wanted skin of all times in CS:GO history.

StatTrak Fire Serpent AK-47

The price of this weapon starts from 1700$ and could potentially reach 8000$. This skin is pretty rare because it is one of the oldest ones. It came out as a part of the second collection ever released and even then it had a status of a really rare drop.

Today this skin is even rarer and not many players wear it because it is pretty expensive and hard to get.

StatTrak Case hardened AK-47

Nowadays the starting price of this skin is comparably low (500$) but it can reach 150000$ because it is one of a kind skin. There is no other skin in CS:GO that is that rare and expensive. It has been sold for 150000 in 2021 because this skin will never appear in any collection ever again.

To perform a deal a client needed a skin broker acting as a middle-man.

Crimson Kimono Specialist Gloves

The starting price of this item is 1000$ but it can reach 10000$. It looks fine and steam community members like this skin because of its red color. It is quite rare and that is why the price is relatively high. This skin is not one of a kind.

StatTrak Bayonet Crimson Web

Right now you can see that this lot can be sold for 300$ but the price could reach 11000. CS:GO fans love this skin because of its crimson color. When it has been released it was very rare. And the fact that it is StatTrak edition makes it is even more valuable.

Despite the fact that has been introduced in 2015 this skin is still wanted by an army of players.

Pandora’s Box Sport Gloves

Another expensive pair of gloves is very rare. Right now the price could reach 20000$. This is the most expensive variant for glove skin. It was released in 2016 and the purple coloration was extremely popular among fans.

Medusa AWP

Another expensive skin for the most popular weapon in the game – it can be sold at 8000$ price. It is considered to be extremely rare. The design is attractive and this is the main reason why it has become so valued by the community.

It is very hard to obtain because of the rare dropping chance.

King Snake Driver Gloves

These gloves are extremely rare and probably that is why the price of this lot can reach 20000$. It has been introduced in 2018 and quickly became very popular. It has an attractive design and these gloves are very hard to get.

Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem

This skin could be sold for 15000$ because it is an extremely rare item. The chance of getting this knife is less than 1%. This skin also can have different patterns and that feature makes it unique. It has been released in 2013 but is still relevant.

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