League of Legends betting sites

League of Legends betting sites

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  • Different and one-of-a-kind characters.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • Regular updates.
  • Simple gameplay.
  • Good optimization.
  • Toxic community

E-sport disciplines promise to conquer the top of the betting Olympus, and the popularity of individual tournaments is growing exponentially. Experts predict a multibillion-dollar audience for esports, and professional cappers consider it their duty to understand popular events to make money on bets in line with modern trends. Recently, League of Legends tournaments has been gaining popularity at a tremendous pace. And the betting market is growing rapidly.

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Best League of Legends Betting Sites in 2021

The number of bookmakers where you can bet on League of Legends events is surprisingly large, which indicates the growing popularity of the e sports discipline. Top League of Legends betting sites adding LoL tournaments to the list of events include 1xBet, Leon, League of Betting, and Parimatch. Speaking about highly specialized bookmakers, cappers usually choose the GG.bet, EGB, and PIN-UP, in which the list of events and the line of outcomes is much wider.

The League of Legends betting algorithm provides the following sequence of actions:

  1. Play a little on your own to understand the rules and features of the game.
  2. Watch live streams from tournaments, watch teams, but never have favorites. Try to be objective.
  3. Try different game modes – bets can be made both before the start of the event and in real-time.

Choose reliable LoL betting sites and start benefiting from the increasingly popular epsorts discipline.

How League of Legends is Played

The release of League of Legends or LoL took place in 2009. After 5 years the number of players exceeded 100 million, and the game spread throughout the world. In some countries (for example, Taiwan), League of Legends is played by 5 to 10% of the total population of the country.

League of Legends esport rules is pretty simple. That is a team strategy where the player teams up with allies to be the first to destroy the enemy’s nexus – the center of his base. Whoever got ahead of the opponent in this task won. It sounds simple, but this strategy would not have an army of fans if it were not for the mass of the game’s features.

The strategy begins with the fact that each gamer chooses a champion for himself – the character he will play. There are more than a hundred of those on the list, and each one has unique abilities – the developers were working awfully hard. In the process of battles, characters gain experience and proportionally increase their strength. Gamers also earn points for passed levels and choose what skills they want to develop.

The strategy forces players to get ahead of the current situation, unite in teams and use the strengths of their characters precisely within the teamwork. That is why the game gained such popularity in a short time. Use the basic game knowledge for LoL esports betting.

League of Legends Champions

The current League of Legends World Champion is the LCK DAMWON Gaming team. In the 2020 World Cup final in Shanghai, guys beat Suning 3-1.

DAMWON’s Kim ‘Canyon’ Geon Boo’s Jungler has been named World Cup Finals Most Valuable Player. Historically, T1 (formerly SK Telecom) is the most successful team of all time with three championship titles.

Players can choose many heroes. In-game heroes are called champions and there are several types of them:

  • Juggernauts. The toughest characters in League of Legends, true close combat titans. They are the only heroes in League of Legends that are excellent at absorbing and dealing heavy damage. True, they have minimal mobility;
  • Divers. Not only the most agile warriors, but another large subclass of League of Legends heroes, featuring 18 hardy LoL champions. They are always in the midst of a battle and inflict critical damage to an opponent at close range;
  • Unique. A separate category of champions in LoLe, not included in any of the existing systems of classes and subclasses – 14 heroes;
  • Stormtroopers. The most effective “offensive heroes” in LoL, which are responsible for the start of battles, lead team fights, and perfectly absorb the damage inflicted;
  • Keepers. One of the smallest subclasses of LoL characters. These League of Legends heroes are also great “defense heroes” as they are good at minimizing damage and interrupting enemy attacks;
  • The killers. Assassins are by nature relatively weak close combat heroes in League of Legends, but their fragility is fully made up for by agility and defensive techniques, as well as massive physical damage;
  • Duelists. Another small subclass of heroes in League of Legends, with 6 champions. These champions in League of Legends are also called “fighters”, as they inflict a lot of constant damage.

There are also other champions like Mages, Arrows, and Wizards.

League of Legends Tournaments & Prize Pools

Considering that the total number of players in LoL has already exceeded a hundred million for a long time, there are many tournaments in this game. But many of the events are only regionally relevant and are not counted by professional bettors. The largest League of Legends tournaments are:

  • WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. That is a key event in the League of Legends world, attracting gamers from all countries. Held in October and has a prize pool of over $2 million. In 2019, this LoL esports online event was broadcast in 16 languages, and the number of viewers was 44 million. The World Championship is held in several stages: qualifying and group stage and then fights for elimination according to the playoff system.
  • MID-SEASON INVITATIONAL. To keep players from getting bored in the middle of the season, another major tournament is held in May, gathering the strongest gamers. The prize fund is equal to 250 thousand dollars. However, the amount is constantly growing. And among the winners, a quarter of the amount received from additional purchases made by gamers at the end of the tournament is distributed between the winners.
  • CONTINENTAL LEAGUE (LCL). The competition has gained the greatest popularity. The spring and autumn stages of the tournament are held and in addition to recognition and a solid monetary reward, and the winner receives a ticket to the world championship. The prize fund of the last tournament was just over 65 thousand dollars.

Find the schedule of all tournaments on the official site.

Betting on League of Legends

Bookmakers offer fairly wide lines of outcomes for League of Legends gambling. The main types of esprots strategy bets include:

  1. The first death in the game. The capper guesses in which team the first loss will occur. In general, “first blood” creates a significant groundwork in terms of the entire outcome of the battle, since one of the teams gets a noticeable advantage.
  2. First destruction. Teams not only develop, but also strive to inflict maximum damage to the opponent, and the bettor can bet on which team will be the first to destroy the opponent’s building.
  3. Total Kills. A large number of characters take part in the battles, and the capper can predict how many heroes will be killed by the end of the match.
  4. The total of the collected gold. Among the key tasks of gamers is collecting gold – the more the team gets, the faster it develops. Bettors predict how much gold will be collected by the end of the battle.

In addition to non-standard outcomes, there are more usual bets in LoL gambling – on the victory of one of the teams or the place that the gaming team will take at the end of the tournament.

Getting an Edge at LOL Betting

Professional bettors study the specifics of the eports discipline to be successful in betting. Emphasis is placed on the following aspects:

  1. The player’s ability to perform in a team. Even the most talented and experienced gamers may find it difficult to play with teammates, and the benefits of individual skill will be significantly lower.
  2. Take a break at the beginning. So that the balance of power does not seem like rocket science, first study a couple of matches to assess the form of players and teams, their tactics, and strengths.
  3. Play it yourself. Cappers should play a couple of games themselves to keep the number of strategic questions to a minimum. Additionally, you can fill in the knowledge gaps in specialized forums.

It is also worth remembering esports betting League of Legends that a very important component of the LoL is the competent movement of the players of the whole team. There should be synergy and mutual understanding between them because this is a direct path to victory in the tournament.

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