Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Betting Sites

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Betting Sites

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Like betting on regular sports such as basketball and football, some of the largest betting sites and bookmakers already offer bets on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Esports events and tournaments. There are sites where a wide selection of different pubg betting is available. The largest and most popular sites include the following:

  • NeoBet.
  • VulkanBet.
  • BET365.
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Cras in nisi id turpis cursus vulputate. Aliquam at sapien non tellus congue efficitur. Nam scelerisque quam quis link turpis pellentesque, in placerat.

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Despite the fact that PUBG is a relatively new game, it has already managed to fall in love with many. There are large tournaments with an impressive prize pool and it is during these tournaments that you can place various bets. Pubg betting sites offer a wide range of different bets, where you can bet both on the victory of individual players (teams), and on the number of kills by a certain player (team) or the duration of the game.

Where to gamble on PUBG esports

You can make various bets directly in bookmakers, where the game is played for real money. In addition to bookmakers, there are also various sites where the game is played not for money, but for various skins. You can play on them, and you can also sell them on these sites, and withdraw real money in any convenient way or buy another skin that you like on them.

PUBG is a relatively new esports discipline, which is why it is quite problematic to find a pubg betting site with a wide selection of available betting options and excellent odds. Pubg gambling is especially popular at a time when various major tournaments are held. By concluding live bets, you can not only enjoy the game of the best players live and at the same time get additional sensations, but also earn decent money.

How Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is played

The PUBG is located on an island measuring 8 x 8 km. Players participate in massive deadly battles on the island. The player begins entering the game after skydiving from an airplane. When landing, he has no weapons, ammunition or any supplies. The arena is gradually narrowing, so players have no choice but to join the battle. Players must fight to find caches of supplies that are scattered throughout the map for equipment, and they can also get the equipment of players whom they have excluded from the game (killed). The game ends when everyone is eliminated (they die from opponents or from the narrowing of the playing space), except for one player or team. The game usually lasts about 45 minutes.

There are several game modes, namely:

  • – Single player mode (every man for himself),
  • – Group mode (Players are united in squads of 2 people. In this mode, you can heal an ally),
  • – Team mode (Teams consist of 4 people. Allies can also heal teammates).

A variety of vehicles are also available in the game: buggies, various cars, boats.

PUBG tournaments and prize pools

PUBG is a very popular esports discipline. Of course, it is inferior to the recognized leaders of esports, namely Dota 2 and CS: GO, but the prize funds of major tournaments are very solid.

The largest tournament is the PUBG Global Invitational. S. The prize fund of this tournament in 2021 was a record – $7,056,789. The final stages of the tournament were watched live by 6,106,455 people at once, which indicates that the game is really popular.

Continental tournaments are regularly held, where the best teams of the continent take part. These competitions are called the PUBG Continental Series. The prize fund of these tournaments is $250,000.

Other major tournaments are also held, for example, the Peace Elite Asia Invitational. The prize fund of the tournament was $463,041. It was attended by all major organizations, and the tournament was watched by 3,352,116.

There are also many PUBG mobile tournaments. The prize fund of such tournaments is almost as good as the computer version of the game. Thus, the prize fund of the Global PUBG Mobile Championship amounted to more than $ 1.2 million. The winners of the tournament earned more than $ 700,000.

In addition to these tournaments, various competitions with small prize funds are regularly held, where lower-level teams perform, but with the help of victories in such tournaments, they raise their rating, which contributes to the fact that they will be able to participate in various qualifications for major tournaments. Pubg gambling sites only accept bets on major tournaments in order to avoid various match-fixing.


PUBG betting sites and wagering

There are 2 types of Pubg gambling:

  • – Real money bets,
  • – Betting with skins (which can also be exchanged for real money or other skins),

Almost all major bookmakers offer various bets during major sports tournaments on PUBG, however, they may have a different number of available markets, as well as coefficients.

The widest selection of available betting options, as well as the best odds in these bookmaker’s office:

        <p>Bets can be made both before the match and at the time when the match is already underway. There are more markets available before the start of the match than in live mode, but bets during the match are more predictable and winning, because you can evaluate the arsenal of the team (player) and their current location.</p>

The following types of bets are offered in pubgonline:

  • will the team / player get into the TOP;
  • comparison of teams/players (who will last longer on the map);
  • total frags of popular teams/players;
  • long-term bets on tournament winners, region, etc.

Get an edge betting on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

In order for bets to win often, it is necessary to use various services that will prompt the current form of teams (players), their conduct of the game (aggressive, passive), as well as current gaming trends in pubg online. Streams, statistics and review of records of recent matches will help with this. There are no betting strategies for the game as such. PUBG forecasts are also not made by anyone, at least from more or less well-known personalities in the community.

Bookmakers that offer various kinds of bonuses for making a deposit will help you get certain advantages directly. Such bonuses will increase the deposit amount, which will allow you to bet a little more than the game bank or make additional bets.

The advantages include live betting, where you can rely not on various statistics, but directly on the gameplay. In PUBG, a lot depends on the equipment that is extracted directly during the game. In live bets, you can see the current equipment of players/teams, which will allow you to place the most optimal bet.

Pre-game and Live Markets for Betting PUBG

The most exciting and profitable way to bet is live betting. The chances of winning are almost the same, but the chances are still slightly higher in live bets. All bookmakers quickly update the odds, eliminating various risks and delays in accepting bets.

100 players (25 teams) participate in pubg online at the same time, so the most profitable bets are the bets before the start of the match, since the coefficients are the most attractive before the start of the match, however, the probability that the chosen team will win is much less.

The following bets are available before the start of the match and directly at the time when it is being played:

  • will the team / player get into the TOP;
  • the first blood spilled (murder);
  • comparison of teams/players (who will last longer on the map);
  • total frags of popular teams/players;

However, bets in live mode have certain restrictions that depend on the actions taking place on the game map. Thus, when one of the players is killed, the acceptance of bets becomes temporarily limited, since there is a change of coefficients. Given that there are a lot of players, the acceptance of live bets may not be available for quite a long time.

Esports Promo of the Month

Bookmakers offer various bonuses that will increase the amount, and the gaming account. To receive the bonus, you must enter a special promo code when making a new deposit. This promo code is unique and you can increase your deposit in every bookmaker. You can create several accounts at once and use several offers at once.

PUBG regularly hosts various game promotions, during which you can get certain rewards (mainly skins and game currency, which allows you to buy skins). The promotions are timed to coincide with various holidays, as well as various major tournaments. All current and upcoming promotions can be found in advance on the official pubg website.

The prizes received during the promotion can be transferred, sold, and also used for betting on certain betting services. At the same time, players can receive rewards for each gaming platform when they access the game through an associated account. With the help of such promotions, you can increase the game bankroll or place bets on various tournaments held in this game discipline, while completely eliminating various risks associated with the loss of real money.

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