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  • Maps: The “blue storm” gives an added thrill and excitement to the game. As the whole map shrinks, it ensures that the remaining players will eventually run into each other, therefore, inevitably killing off each other.
  • Building Feature: the building feature of Fortnite: Battle Royale also adds a little depth into the game. It is a feature that is rife with opportunities for the players to work upon. You can go with the typical strategy to build a fortress to protect yourself from the enemies. Or, you can think outside the box and outsmart your opponents by creating your own vantage points or by misleading them into thinking that you are in a certain position. You can also build a trap to lure your enemies for a possible ambush. It improves the player’s creativity and personal technique in playing the game.
  • Fast-Paced Game: the game could end in the blink of an eye. Some players may find this as a lack of needed tension and thrill that most games in battle royale format have. Due to the constant switching of the shoot to build, a player could only do so much during the game.
  • Inventory: The player’s inventory is simple by design. Each player is only allowed to have five slots in their inventory – including weapons, explosives, and healing items. Players should be wise enough to know which items they should prioritize and keep in their inventories.
  • Game Format: Combining battle royale game format with the building and mining of resources feature of Fortnite may be a bit too much work for first-time players. When you experience a close encounter with your opponent, it may be hard to switch from weapons to pickaxe (used for mining materials) to the building. The whole thing could be a handful to manage and grasp.

The first official world tournament was held in 2019 and from that moment Fortnite has become one of the most popular games in the eSport arena. The shooter was introduced by Epic Games in 2017. It took the team only 2 years to launch a large-scale championship, which attracted more than 2 million viewers around the world. Fortnite betting is gaining popularity along with the growth in the number of esports events. Let’s not wait any longer – find out everything about the game and how to place your first Fortnight bet!

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Where to Bet on Fortnite

Fortnite is rare in bookmakers. Many bookmakers completely ignore discipline. But the biggest E-sports Fortnite gambling site like, EGB,, and others offer bets on major Fortnite tournaments. But with such a pace of development, Fortnite bets may catch up with Dota 2 and CS: GO.

TOP successful solo gamers and their winnings:

  • Bugha – over $ 3 million;
  • psalm – $ 1,900,000;
  • Nyhrox – $ 1,500,000;
  • Aquav2 – $ 1,650,000;
  • EpicWhale – $ 1,300,000.

TOP teams and their earnings:

  • Lazarus – $ 3,800,000;
  • Sentinels – $ 3,200,000;
  • Cooler Espots – $ 3,300,000;
  • FaZe Clan – $ 2,155,000.
  • 100 Thieves – $ 2,240,000.

When choosing a bookmaker, you need to take into account several factors:

  1. Odds level.
  2. Possibility to bet on “special” bets (random matches or show matches);
  3. The number of outcomes. Many bookmakers give a list only for which of the player or teams will be higher.
  4. Live bets. Since this game is not the most popular for betting, there are often no live bets.

How Fortnite Is played

The game is a shooter where players fight against zombie-like creatures, protect civilians who survived the storm and just try to survive on their own. Three editions have been released: Save the World, Battle Royale, and Creative. In the first two versions, gamers participate in battles, while in the third, players create their own world and battlefield from scratch. Fortnite Battle Royal is the go-to version for eSport matches.

There are 4 types of characters available in Fortnite:

  1. Constructor – suitable for players who like to build.
  2. The Traveler is a collector of resources and other useful game items.
  3. Ninja is a master of hand-to-hand combat, the only hero with a double jump.
  4. The soldier is comprehensively developed, has mighty firepower.

Fortnite for bookmakers is a royal battle where gamers will fight for resources and build all kinds of structures to survive on the map. Participants in the battle (100 players) appear at the location and start looking for weapons and things. At the same time, they are building shelters – forts, walls, and stairs to more effectively resist opponents. As soon as the gamer is patched up, he needs to start killing other players. So that people do not sit in one place, every few minutes a safe zone is chosen, which must be reached. Otherwise, you will start dying and lose. The winner is the one who remains the last on the island.

Watch Fortnite Live

Watch for free popular streams on the online game Fortnite esports fresh online broadcasts live on Twitch because this is a great opportunity to see the game as it is now, look at the graphics, gameplay, soundtrack. Also, you can learn new tactics from top players and streamers, learn from the experience and manner of playing, learn about previously unknown places, objects in the game.

In total, more than two thousand broadcasts are now being held in Fortnight by gamers from all over the world!

All streams are sorted by the number of viewers, from highest to lowest, so that the most spectacular broadcasts are always available for viewing. Also, you can watch live matches inside the game. You can use the gaming lobby or watch broadcasts during your own match. Live streams are also available at and YouTube.

You can also play Fortnite for money and watch the live stream at the betting website.

Fortnite Tournaments & Prize Pools

The World Cup is the most popular tournament Fortnite competitive league. In 2019, the cup prize pool exceeded $30 million. 16-year-old gamer Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf claiming the grand prize in the individual round. That young and talented player has earned $3 million and we do not doubt that he will build a brilliant career in eSport.

Such international events not only allow young gamers to show themselves in the professional arena but also provide an opportunity for eSports fans and beginners to try their luck at Fortnight betting. The World Cup consists of qualifying rounds and a final, bets can be placed on each of the stages.

Competitions are organized for two categories of gamers: amateurs who compete for cosmetic items, and professionals who perform in front of a large audience, receiving cash rewards for winning championships.

Large-scale professional competitions:

  1. Dreamhack. The event was attended by over 1,000 people who fought for a prize pool of $250,000.
  2. Ninja Battles. The prize money for the championship was $500,000.
  3. Fortnite World Cup. An annual international competition with a record $30 million prize.
  4. Fortnite Champion Series Chapter.
  5. EU Encore.

Amateur championships (in-game):

  1. The Tomato Pyramid Cup is a team competition that takes place every week.
  2. Barbed Keys Cup is a weekly competition for solo players.
  3. Fortnite Friday is the Friday Squad event.
  4. Cammy Tournament – two gamers fight for unique equipment.
  5. Rating competition for teammates.

The Epic Games team promises that future events will surprise fans even more than the past championship. Fans will be able to watch thrilling battles, as well as place a bet on their favorite Fortnite team.

Betting on Fortnite

To date, bookmakers offer not the widest line for this eSport discipline. Betters can bet on:

  1. Winning the match. The most unpredictable outcome for forecasting, because the success of a player or team depends on chance and luck – whether he will find resources, good weapons, and whether he has time to build a reliable fortification. The odds for the outcome start at 7.00.
  2. Getting into the TOP. Bookmakers offer 4 main options for e-sport betting lines (TOP-50, 25,10, and 5). It is much easier to analyze the approximate result and there are fewer risks.
  3. Total Kills. You need to predict the approximate number of frags for the selected eSports player.
  4. Higher/lower. The bookmaker forms pairs of players, and the bettor must predict which of them will leave the royal battle later.

Also, some bookmakers provide an opportunity to bet on the winner of the tournament who will be in the final and take the TOP-2 or get into the top three.

Let’s highlight also some features of bets:

  1. Lack of underdogs and favorites. A hundred players appear on the island, who have almost equal chances of success.
  2. Scene instability. Fortnight guys are not suitable for permanent earnings, since betting streamers on matches is risky, and there are few major championships.
  3. Characters and play style. For example, constructors will never play aggressively and are more likely to rank higher than ninjas or soldiers.

But the professional gaming community is developing and a new top team enters this eSport discipline.

Getting an Edge at Fortnite Betting

Before you start Fortnite gambling, you need to analyze several important factors:

  1. Prestige competition level. If the battle takes place in the format of a show match, an esports player can afford to play not at full strength, and having arrived at the World Cup, show completely different results;
  2. Map. That is Fortnite an esport competition that has a large number of locations that are very different, which is why some gamers may play worse or better;
  3. Game updates. Each time the developers add new characters, cards and change the mechanics to their brainchild.

As a result, your game Fortnite for money must be flexible and you should be ready to change the betting strategy depending on the situation.

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