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Call Of Duty Betting Sites

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  • A decent selection of cards at the start of the game.
  • Excellent Heist and Battle Royale modes.
  • An upgraded Zombie mode, in which you can play both with a partner from the computer, and in the company of your allies.
  • The absence of a story campaign.
  • Connection problems, temporary disconnections, which most often occurs in Zombie mode.
  • The inability to play alone.
  • For novice players, the game will be quite difficult.

Call Of Duty is a game that is very popular among players from all over the world, which is why it is an esports discipline, and bets on esports are accepted by almost all the best bookmakers. During major tournaments, you can make various bets on call of duty esports, but all bookmakers have different numbers of available betting options, as well as the final coefficients. The best offices offer a wide selection of markets, others offer options exclusively for winning, and in some cases do not include cod esports in their line at all.

Best CSGO Betting Sites
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Best Call of Duty betting sites

The best betting sites for esports call of duty include the following offices:

  • ggbet;
  • betsafe;
  • winners. Bet;
  • cyber. Bet;
  • loot. Bet;
  • betway.

In these offices, you can bet on all major competitions, as well as on qualifying matches that will give you the right to perform at these tournaments.

How Call of Duty is played

Professional tournaments are a little different from the usual game for many. They are held in shortened compositions, namely:

  • 4v4 basic mode for most tournaments;
  • 3v3 exclusive mode for certain tournaments;
  • 6v6 is common during show matches, as well as some tournaments.

Competitions are not held for all versions of the popular shooter, but only for:

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare;
  • Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War.

Most competitive call of duty takes place on the latest version of the game, it is on it that wider markets are represented, and it is also paid the most attention not only to the best, but also to other bookmakers. Competitions are held in certain modes that are available in the main client of the game and in which all fans of the game can try their hand.

Search and Destroy

One of the most popular modes, both in professional sports and among ordinary players. The principle of the game strongly resembles one of the most popular sports disciplines, namely: CS:GO.

One of the teams must put a bomb on one of the 2 points, the other team must prevent them from doing this or have time to clear the planted explosive device. The winner is the team that destroyed the entire enemy team or blew up (did not let it explode) a bomb.

The game is played up to a certain score, and in a round, players have only 1 life. These matches are held in the format from 1v1 to 6v6.


Classic mode for call of duty competitive. In this mode, it is necessary to hold certain points on the map, the location of which changes in a chaotic mode, that is, it is impossible to guess the location of the following points in advance. The game continues until one of the teams scores the required number of points (in most matches – 250 points).

This mode is the most unpredictable and the most interesting for betting, since even a large advantage of one of the teams cannot guarantee victory on the map.


A relatively new competitive and game mode, which has already managed to please a large number of players. This mode is a combination of 2 modes at once, namely: Hardpoint and Search and Destroy. In it, you need to protect (capture) 2 specific points on the game map. This is given a certain time, if it expires, the defense team wins, the defense team also wins, when destroying all enemies more than 30 times. If the attack team manages to capture both points at the same time, it wins an early victory.

How it Differs From Other FPS Titles

Despite the fact that COD is very popular among players and betting enthusiasts, it practically excludes various tactical actions (unlike CS:GO). That is why it is better to pay attention directly to the experience of the players and their current form.

The game allows players to avoid a large number, as well as quickly move around the entire game map. The health of the players is gradually restored, which is why it is problematic to destroy the opponent immediately, and at the same time it is quite problematic to develop various tactical schemes. Team play in this esports discipline takes a back seat, and the main thing is the player’s personal skill, his reaction and accuracy.

The Competitive Platforms

The game can be played on absolutely any platform; the main condition is the presence of a game controller (competitions are held on controllers). At the same time, all players are in relatively equal conditions, but many believe that the game on the PC has certain advantages.

Modern gaming PCs have a higher frame rate and minimize certain delays (for example, response time), which can give minimal, but still advantages in competitions.

Call of Duty Betting

Call of Duty Betting is not as popular as CS betting:GO or DOTA 2, but its popularity is gradually increasing. This is facilitated by the increasing popularity of the game, the introduction of new game modes, as well as the holding of an increasing number of major tournaments with an impressive prize pool. On COD, bookmakers offer the following markers that you can bet on:

  1. The victory of one of the teams.
  2. The number of frags (for certain game modes).
  3. Handicap on cards and murders.
  4. Total of cards (rounds).

There are other special bets that are offered by certain bookmakers, however, these markets are represented in most offices.

Tournaments and Prize Pools

A large number of tournaments are held in this discipline, in most of which the amount of prize money is really large.

So the largest tournament is: Call of Duty League. It is held in several qualifying stages, at each of which players compete for $ 500,000 in prize money, as well as for points that will give the right to compete in the final part of the tournament. In the final part of the tournament, the prize fund is much higher and in 2020 it was $ 4,600,000. More than 331,558 spectators watched the final part of the competition at the same time.

Another major tournament is: Twitch Rivals x Call of Duty World Series of Warzone. The prize fund of these tournaments is $ 300,000. More than 290.000 people watch live broadcasts of the tournament at the same time.

There are other tournaments where the prize pool is low, but they are watched by a large number of spectators from all over the world. Bookmakers can offer to make bets on such tournaments, but the number of markets in these tournaments will be small.

How to Gain an Edge with Call of Duty Wagering

You can get an advantage in betting in several ways at once, namely:

  1. Use unique promo codes to increase the deposit.
  2. View up-to-date statistics of teams (players).
  3. Bet on a higher coefficient.

Promo codes will allow you to increase the amount on the gaming account, which will allow you to make more bets or bet amounts that will be slightly higher than the current bank allows. This will allow you to win much more. At the same time, you can use several offers at once, namely, make a deposit in several offices and get all the available bonuses, since this is not prohibited.

Game statistics are available on the official website of the tournament, as well as in some offices. The odds are set directly by bookmakers, and they change regularly, so it is better to be registered in several offices at once in order to make a bet on the most favorable terms.

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