How to bet on FIFA e-football?

How to bet on FIFA e-football?

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  • fast and dynamic football
  • a large number of licensed clubs
  • some football players have exclusive feints
  • Ultimate Team mode improvement
  • Champions League and Europa League
  • absence of the Russian Premier League
  • an unfinished new system of strikes

Of course, e-football, as well as e-sports, are significantly different from real football on a green pitch, so there is no point in drawing a parallel between these sports. FIFA betting has its own characteristics.

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Features of betting in FIFA

Among the main features of betting on e-sports and e-football, experienced betting lovers determine the following:

FIFA is one of the most popular online sports simulations. The game was created back in the 90s of the last century, but popularity came to it already in the early 2000s. At the moment, FIFA is played in all countries, regardless of age. In recent years, the number of major championships and tournaments has increased significantly, and the top ones also collect large prizes for participants.

Game Rules

The gameplay matches classic football – most of the traditional rules that are used in real life are implemented. The rules are known to everyone:

Before the start of the match, the player chooses the team for which he will play on the field. The main format of esports competitions is playoffs, that is, a knockout game. As in real football, the winner will be determined by goals or penalties.

Players wishing to compete in FIFA 20 on a professional basis must register as FUT Champions players. The registered status allows you to take part in open qualifiers and collect points for access to the playoffs.

Advantages and disadvantages of betting on e-football

The key advantages of betting on e-football events are as follows:

  • matches are played daily, there are no breaks, so the capper can always place bets; 
  • confrontations are not affected by external factors such as weather conditions or a pandemic; 
  • virtual footballers are less prone to injury, both physical and mental, so they play more or less at the same level.

 Among the disadvantages of betting on such events, one can distinguish:

  • bookmakers set limits lower than on real football; 
  • the margin on e-football events is quite high. 

However, these disadvantages do not have a strong influence on the gaming process.

FIFA Esports Tournaments and Prize Pools

EA Sports has always been one of the driving forces behind FIFA’s largest esports competition, the FIFA22 Global Series. It is a bunch of events that take place whole calendar year and represent some of the best FIFA modern players in the worldwide.

The ultimate goal of the series is to find the best players and teams for the final season of the FIFA eWorld Cup. But for this, players need to first play in several other tournaments.

FUT Champions Verified is a Tier 1 Challenge. FUT Champions often hosts tournaments throughout the weekend to allow players to play 28 games in two days of weekend. If you succeed in achieving this, then you will be included in the Global Series Ranking, and remember that the more points you score to move up the rankings, the more likely you will get some invitations to more major Global Series Ranking events.

FUT Champions Cups. The global event includes 6 European Cup parts throughout the whole season. Best 32 players compete in each Champions Cup for a massive prize of $200,000. And $50,000 goes to the winner. Players qualify online to earn one of 32 tickets in each Champions Cup competition.

FIFA League Qualifiers is an EA Sports cooperation with approximately 25 different professional leagues all over the world to allow players to represent their team in the FIFA domestic esports league. The winners of these tournaments can qualify for the main FIFA Global Series playoff.

The FIFA eChampions is a three-stage tournament that includes an online qualifier. It reproduces the different rounds of a real Champions League. The tournament is open only to PlayStation 4-5 verified players and represent a prize pool of $280,000.

The largest FIFA tournaments are the eNations Cup and the eClub World Cup. Those massive events provide the same ranking points just like FUT Champions Cups. These tournaments are among the most popular every year for FIFA eSports betting. Both competitions provide a prize pool of $100,000.

FIFA Global Series Playoff. In this massive event, the top 64 globally ranked players are invited to playoffs for one last chance to get enough points to qualify for the dreamy eWorld Cup. Only 16 of the best players for each gaming platform will advance to the FIFA eWorld Cup. There is a massive $250,000 prize pool for the PS4 and Xbox tournaments.

The FIFA eWorld Cup is the icing on the cake of FIFA esports and is without a doubt this event draws the most attention from bettors. For this purpose, the competition has a prize of $500,000.

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