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Call of Duty is widely recognized as one of the most influential shooters in the entire gaming industry. ...


News about the game Call of Duty

Game Review

Call of Duty is owned and published by Activision, the first public presentation of the game was held in 2013, and the creation of the sequel at that time was engaged by Infinity Ward. Call of Duty (CoD) – is probably the most famous global series of shooters, which appeared in the world of games long before the megapopular Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

CoD 4 has earned the right to become the first iteration of the simulation military player, which was added, later received worldwide recognition in, multiplayer game format. In it, participants gather in one place (pre-including any of the multiplayer modes) and fight each other by shooting the opponents.

By 2013, the CoD anthology already included roughly 32 quadrillion combat rounds and over a hundred million multiplayer participants themselves. Since that very moment, the collection of games hasn’t stopped improving.

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As of 2016, more than two hundred and fifty million copies of the game have been sold, and the Call of Duty franchise itself today rightfully has a superior position on the gaming scene. At the same time, the game can offer gamers more than 15 diverse games, which have four diverse areas. Specifically, the fact that this series adds to the game adaptation and positive qualities, makes the whole substantive component of the game so diverse and exciting: the game series covers the futuristic component, past warriors, and more.

If you don’t take the whole history of the series holistically and move to 2013, where the development of the original Call of Duty was done by Infinity Ward and was published on behalf of Activision, you can understand that still, the main part of the gameplay has remained the same as before. Of course, as time passed, the plots may have changed a little, but still, all the key components, that add to the grandeur and popularity of the series, were untouched. These elements include both realistic graphics and textures.

After we have played the incredible Ghosts series and Black Ops we are looking forward to the next masterpiece – the latest CoD: WWII. This all-new installment will help transport the player to where it all originally originated, namely World War 2, providing users with a new feel, a return to the roots, as well as providing new gameplay aesthetic. Such games provide players with such variety that most users immediately pick up a weapon and immediately start fighting for their comrades – but will you be among them?

Call of Duty game modes

Create your own personal style with the following game modes available: destruction, capture, or elimination

Like the bulk of Internet shooters, Call of Duty provides users with a variety of choices when determining their preferred game mode. As many developers are involved in the creation of new CoD games each year, each individually released game has its own personal differences in the game modes offered.

Nevertheless, there are some common activities, characteristics for every single CoD game. All-known Team Deathmatch is the most popular and frequently encountered mode of the game, in which two team members kill each other until the predetermined limit or goal is reached.

After this mode there are such popular options as Free for All, Headquarters, Capture the Flag and we can safely say that one of the latest developments in Kill Confirmed.

  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare;
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops;
  • Call of Duty: WWII.

Such an extensive choice is one of the components of the popularity of the Call of Duty game sequel. That is why the game has remained the favorite entertainment for millions for almost a decade.

Players always have the opportunity to test their strength in new game modes – some of which are designed for the user to get part of the real experience of military action, and the rest for relaxation, recreation, and enjoyment.

Job Advantages

Enhance your game character and add abilities that help you win and propel you forward

The true significant component of Call of Duty compared to other games of a similar format is the system of settings for multiplayer game classes. The developers of the game were not the first in this aspect, but the creators of Infinity Ward have definitely contributed to the fact that their key direction in creating the game menu of Call of Dite 4 is the system of settings regarding the game classes.

Before the game, users have the opportunity to set up personal equipment for their soldiers, choosing between the key weapons (machine guns, assault or sniper rifles, and more), additional equipment, such as anti-tank grenades, guns and more, special equipment like blinkers, smoke and stun grenades.

Additionally, the game also provides players with the ability to choose for themselves 1 of three gaming advantages, which are divided into several varieties: Primary, Secondary, and of course the Tertiary perks. These perks enhance a user’s gameplay by providing them with added individual abilities.

For example, if you prefer to sneak around the whole area of the map and carefully kill enemies, remaining unnoticed, you can set your personal perk “Coldblooded”, which will keep you out of sight of the enemy field and killstreaks as standard, or, if you prefer to be fully armed from head to toe, a more ideal option for you will be the perk “Scavenger”, which will give you the skill to pick up weapons and ammunition from already killed enemies.

In addition, users can opt for one of the killstreak bonuses that will be offered to them for successful kills without a personal death. As a rule, in such cases, a flying machine will come to your aid, which will help you destroy all members of the enemy team without regret.

Never leave your team and yourself unprotected

Don’t miss the schedule and defeat your opponents by watching CoD game news

Even though games are considered to be a solitary activity, there are still a lot of opportunities to keep you up to date and connected. This is one of the components, because of which we introduce our readers to events and news, as well as inform them about the release dates of the latest developments in the Call of Duty series and the start of major tournament battles. Our news also touches most other esports teams as well as games, which makes all publications a great source of information for users who are interested not only in one game format but also in any of the other game genres. Regardless of your preferences or desires, and regardless of whether you prefer single-player or multiplayer modes, all of our team’s publications take care of you as a reader and give you, as well as your friends, the opportunity to work as allies and as a unit.

Here at, we can proudly talk about all the depth of the reader’s knowledge of international esports across the planet!

Whatever kind of gaming variant you like – CS:GO, CoD, LoL, Overwatch, Dota 2, and a host of others – here you’ll find all the information you need to know about upcoming or completed esports events in same Europe, America, and even Asia. We review and share with you information about all the top esports leagues and our fellow gamers and you a detailed breakdown of every match or upcoming event. If you want to stay up-to-date and know when, where, between whom, etc. the best of cyber tournaments are taking place, is the right place for you!

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