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There is no data yet on how many Overwatch players are still in the ranks of the most active fighters. Some skeptics assure us that the times of Overwatch are long behind, and today it’s time to have an eye for something new. For some reason, the Overwatch army of fans has decreased slightly in 2021 but the game industry is developing in a spiral, which means that yesterday’s decline means tomorrow’s rise. We have compiled some updated information on the current number of active Overwatch gamers and that’s what we got.

Great start

Some games have to adapt for a long time until they are noticed and loved. Another thing is Overwatch. The game caught success from the very first days after release. The shooter was launched in 2016 and users from many countries immediately got hooked on this cool novelty. 

Just imagine – in the first 7 days, users spent almost 120 million hours in Overwatch gaming sessions. After a month since the release, Blizzard announced that the community of regular Overwatch punters has risen to an unheard-of 10 million players. The game developers have earned hundreds of millions of dollars on the shooter in just a couple of months. It was an unexpected and such a sweet success! In addition, the constant profit was brought by the sale of boxes with different loot that gamers used in the game. 

By the way, this exciting shooter game became popular even before the official release. Then, the open beta version of the game attracted a multi-million audience of gamers worldwide. This thing caused a greater increase in playing time levels. 

But here it should be understood that these figures reflect the number of registered entries in the Overwatch game. At the beginning of this year, this number was equal to 60 million Overwatch accounts. If we compare the statistics of the last 5 years, it will become obvious that starting from 2018, the number of players began to go down.

Rate of decline

We don’t know for sure, as Blizzard does not provide data on the current number of active Overwatch users but after studying the sources of the company’s income, one can determine the average number of gamers. So, in 2021, the number of active Overwatch gamers is approximately 10 million. This is evidenced by the company’s annual income reports. Nowadays, nearly 10 million punters play that shooter monthly. 

If you compare the data from previous years, it is clear, users play Overwatch much less. In 2019, the number of viewers of Overwatch esports matches decreased to 14 thousand people. Although a couple of years ago this figure was 47 thousand viewers. In 2016-2017, the number of regular gamblers was about 35 million users. As you can see, the figure has almost tripled. In addition, Twitch views have significantly decreased.

What is the reason for this decrease? Gambling experts claim that the reason for this state of affairs was the lack of content, as well as some changes made by developers for the latest versions of Overwatch.

How about esports?

If we consider the success and popularity of Overwatch from its esports option, then the picture is a bit different. There are various statistics for that format and they are more positive. That has always been the case, and the Overwatch esports section develops according to different conditions. 

Anyway, you can observe a general decline in popularity for the Overwatch esports game. Many users now choose other cybersport competitions, such as Valorant and others. And that trend is becoming more and more noticeable, just look at the esports statistics for 2020-2021, where the indicators of several top multiplayer shooters are presented. Also, in 2020, lots of active punters from Overwatch teams were fired for various reasons. 

The compositions of esports teams began to be updated rapidly. So, a team of Chinese gamblers was assembled for Valiant games. The Atlanta Reign line-up, however, still has many Overwatch members. Only time will tell how all these events will affect the overall trend of Overwatch esports games. Perhaps, such changes will favorably affect the number of Overwatch players and the decline of popularity will transform into rise

Waiting for a new release

In parallel with the decline in the number of active Overwatch users, the gaming community has set its sights and hopes on the upcoming novelty – the second version of the famous shooter. Overwatch 2 will be released very soon, at least that’s what Blizzard developers promise. 

What can we expect from the new product? A new version will come with an improved form – both the design of the game and the technical characteristics. All this may cause an increase in the popularity of the game, and so a huge army of Overwatch users will return to the monitors again to play an updated version of the well-known Blizzard product. Thus, the developers plan to regain the audience, the number of which has declined in the last few years. By the way, Overwatch 2 will be released with an updated cast of heroes and some stunning technical features.

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