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Defending Ancient Evolutions

Dota 2 is considered to be a very popular eSports game. It has a lot of fans and millions of gamers around the world are passionate about it. Dota 2 is one of several massively multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) that have become very popular and widespread lately. Other MOOVA games include:

  • League of Legends;
  • Heroes of the Storm;
  • Counter-Strike;
  • Smite and Strife;
  • etc.

Every month the game counts more than 11 million people on its platform, which once again confirms its serious popularity.
July 2012 was remembered by the fact that the number of simultaneous players in Dota 2 on Steam was only about 50,000 people, but today, taking into account the statistics you can evaluate the full scale of the popularity of the game. Moreover, rapid growth occurred in just the last few years. Our review will tell you about the history of the game Dota 2, how it is organized, it will also touch on the theme of competition and will be disclosed the main question: what is the reason for its high popularity and love among players from around the world.

Do not forget that the game Dota 2 is not suitable for everyone. If you do not have time (a few hours/days/weeks) to devote to the study of all aspects of the game and understand how it works, then you should probably choose another game. At the same time, if the challenge is what you need: you enjoy the process of developing your strategic thinking and cognitive flexibility, then Dota 2 will bring you a lot of fun, especially when defeating your opponents.

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Get more information on how DOTA 2 has evolved since its inception

Before Dota 2 was released, Defense of the Ancients (DotA) was the leaderboard game. Defense of the Ancients (DotA) is a multiplayer online game in the genre – arena combat. The game is based on the expansion mods for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne.
The first developer of the mod is considered to be Kyle “Eul” Sommer, who developed it back in 2002. After the mod was released, this development was passed into the hands of first Steve “Guinsoo” Feak, and after fell into the hands of Abdul “IceFrog” Ismail. The whole trip is considered the “main developers” of Dota and they are currently working in the developer companies of MOUA – Riot Games (Guinsoo) and Valve (IceFrog).

Dota 2 is a sequel to Defense of the Ancients, the world of cybersports industry first saw it in 2013, the release was handled by Valve Corporation. Dota 2 is considered the brainchild of IceFrog, the developer, who had previously received a wide reputation, one of the factors of which is the secrecy of his personality. Having refused to engage in the development of Defense of the Ancients, he spent a period working on the creation of Heroes of Newerth with S2 Games, but after he moved to Valve and began working on Dota 2.
Dota 2 was first released back in July 2013, its release was on Steam. To start the game needed a computer with the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows;
  • OS X;
  • Linux.

The release of this game marked the continuation of the initial beta testing phase, the duration of which was about 2 years. Since its release, the game Dota 2 has attracted a huge audience (millions) of eSports fans from every corner of the planet.

DOTA 2 gameplay

How the game works: All the information about the heroes DOTA 2

Every Dota 2 game is a battle between two teams. The venue is a compact virtual arena. Each team includes 5 players, whose main task is to preserve their basic structure – the Ancients. They must remain intact, with players having to destroy all of their opponents.

No matter what team the player is on, they all have to manage their heroes. Dota 2 heroes are called characters that you can choose and then control while in the game. Each character has its distinctive appearance, different positive and negative sides, as well as opportunities.
According to the strengths and abilities of the characters can take some roles: carry, offlaner, midlaner, roamer, and support. There can be one role or several at once.

Each hero has 1-3 main attributes, which can include:

  • strength;
  • agility;
  • intelligence.

Each point that will be added to the main Dota 2 hero’s ability will increase his strength (increase the damage from the attack).
Each Dota 2 hero has at least four main abilities. The most powerful hero ability is called: ultimative, but its use is closed until the player has not reached the sixth level of experience.
In case the player wants to use any of the hero’s abilities, mana points will be deducted. Points are replenished during the game by regeneration.
Having used one of the abilities in combat the player will have to take some time (seconds) to regenerate and be able to use the ability again. The waiting time can be called the action time of the ability.

Choose the right hero

The heroes’ development in the game

Each hero has several characteristics, of which there are three:

  • strength;
  • intelligence;
  • dexterity.

These characteristics affect health points, mana points, crowns, attack speed, regeneration process, the amount of armor, the speed at which the hero moves, resistance to magic, damage from sorcery spells, and resistance to status. When the user begins any game in Dota 2, his hero is endowed with the first level of experience. Such stats open up access to only one of all special abilities.

By continuing to play, each user has the opportunity to gain points, which allows them to increase their level up to the 25th. Reaching higher levels, players have the opportunity to discover other abilities of the selected hero, as well as improve the already present abilities. Dota 2 has a system called: “Talent Tree”, which helps to improve the hero in several different ways.
If the hero has lost all his health points, he will die and then be revived at the base of the team the user plays for. This procedure takes only seconds.

Main ways to get even stronger during the game

Besides the fact that when you play the hero’s ability grows and his strength also grows, the user can buy items that give additional attributes. All items fit different heroes, not just one, and their purchase is done with gold.
There are several ways to get gold: you can destroy enemy buildings and kill enemy heroes and creeps (magical creatures). The very process by which a hero kills creeps is called “farming.” Users also receive a small amount of gold every second through Dota 2’s passive or periodic gold system.

Insights into the game DOTA 2

How does the game work?

Dota 2 is played by several teams called Radiant and Dire and each team owns its base camp. Base camps are located at different ends of the map. The map is divided by a river and has 3 paths, called “paths”. Each path has towers in its territory that are ready to repel an attack by enemies passing by at any time.

Creeps are computer-generated monsters that move along the paths to attack and destroy any enemies they encounter. Creeps are created and appear at certain intervals from the structures that are called “barracks”. Such structures are located on each lane and in the base camps of each team.
During the game, you have the opportunity to place various special objects called “wards” anywhere on the map. Such items allow you to view a certain part of the territory. The duration of the “wards” is around 6 minutes, but they can be destroyed earlier in case the enemy team discovers their existence. The design of the map is permeated by the “fog of war”, making it very difficult to see the creeps and heroes of the opposing team. If they are far away from you, it will be extremely difficult to detect them.

The battle between the two teams takes place throughout the game, each of them seeks to gain control of the map, as well as gain more experience and gold.

Neutral Creeps – be careful with them!

Neutral creeps are neither affiliated with your team nor with the opposing team. Their habitats are “camps”. They are located in places between paths, they are called “jungles” and can be found on either side of the map. If the user does not want to attack neutral creeps or create other factors that induce creeps to feel in danger, he can be calm, because his hero will not be touched. If they are killed, they will reappear after a while or “revive”.
The most dangerous creep that exists in the game is Roshan. Defeating him can give the player certain important items. Resurrecting Roshan is a long process, taking from 8 to 11 minutes. The closer the game comes to the end, the more difficult it becomes to kill Roshan.

DOTA 2 Competition Scene

Everything about DOTA 2 events, from small to international tournaments

Given the high popularity of the game Dota 2 and its spread around the world, there has been a growth in the competitive scene. Throughout the year, many countries organize tournaments and competitions in cybersports. Fans of eSports enjoy watching live broadcasts, allowing you to watch the exciting and fast-paced events. More recently, Valve has taken on the role of managing the competitive ecosystem. The company has announced its calendar of competitions, which includes five major and five minor events. As part of these competitions, participating teams receive prize money and DPC (Dota Pro Circuit) points. The teams with the most points are awarded a spot on The International.
Here’s a look at some of the major Dota 2 events:

  • The Final Match;
  • The Manila Masters;
  • The International;
  • DreamLeague;
  • Epicentre;
  • The Summit Events.

There are also other tournaments, such as StarLadder i-League Invitational, PGL Open, and ESL One. All of them are held annually and have a wide enough audience of gamers from all over the world.

The International (or TI) is considered the largest Dota 2 event in the world. The prize pool is truly impressive, for example, according to 2019, it was in the neighborhood of $35 million.

Such a large prize gives teams new strength, forcing them to show determination, skill, and passion to win the tournament. If a team receives an invitation to The International tournament, it can already be considered a serious achievement before they even start participating in it.

Real experience

The advantages and disadvantages of the game

Dota 2 is considered to be a truly challenging game and each match can have a different outcome. Comparing Dota 2 with other games, the user gets a variety because each game is not similar to the previous one. This approach makes it more exciting and interesting. Heroes are available for free and it is an atypical feature for MOMA games. In addition, a large number of features are available that contribute to the improvement and development of the heroes. This approach provides a versatile, rich, and interesting game experience.

If the user is a fan of strategies and the development of cunning plans for the sake of victory over their enemies, Dota 2 will certainly cause interest.

Given the complexity and variety of strategies, players get a storm of emotions and real pleasure in the case of victory. If you want to get a real feeling of victory after all the work you’ve done, you’ll love Dota 2.
The main disadvantage of the game Dota 2 can be considered difficult to learn and understand. This is because the game is endowed with many details, as well as several knowledge and skills that require its development before full immersion in the world of Dota 2. Your first gaming experience may not be entirely pleasant because of the game in a team: some players may be negatively disposed to the presence of a newcomer. But some will be happy to spend time playing with you.

The International 10: The results of the main tournament

The International 10 will forever remain in the memory of players and spectators as the most unusual and exciting of all the past ones. We will tell you about the way the teams came through the tournament.

The odds-on favorite

It’s probably worth naming each in turn. PSG.LGD – no one doubted they would win. The Chinese team showed an excellent level of play throughout the season. They easily overcame their opponents in both the group stage and the playoffs, reaching the Grand Final from the top flight.
Team Secret was widely predicted to be the main rival to PSG.LGD in the tournament finals. Even though Team Secret did not particularly distinguish themselves this season, the community believed that Puppey for The International 10 is 100 percent ready, and he will not miss his chance to take the Aegis now for sure.
Evil Geniuses were planning to break out of their vicious cycle of the constant third and lower places. This time they were very determined.

OG were hard to call favorites, but many believed in their hearts that the team would win again, making three straight victories and going down in history as multiple winners of The International. But this was no longer the team we know. The main faces in it were still missing. Saksa and SumaiL, who incidentally became part of the team just before qualifying for the tournament, were never a worthy substitute for Ana and JerAx.
What did they lack to win? In the case of Team Secret and Puppey, according to analysts, made the game harder on themselves. While many teams were methodically selecting meth heroes in their draft, Clement preferred to diversify his team’s pool. But unfortunately, that didn’t always play to his advantage. PSG.LGD didn’t appreciate this approach and sent Evil, Team Secret to the loser’s grid, where the future champions were already waiting for the “secret ones”.
Evil Geniuses played very poorly in the group. The best team in North America failed to show anything, and even the Quincy Crew looked more confident. After defeating Elephant, who were not the main rivals for the Western squads, the “Evil Geniuses” failed to conquer Vici Gaming. Rumors of a disbanded lineup have been around for days, but there has never been much comment from the organization itself.

Making history

Ten years after its first victory Natus Vincere Aegis returned home to the CIS. Team Spirit were not the favorites of the tournament, much more the audience believed in the victory of The Dragons began to show the first results only in the second half of the season, and probably no one held Team Spirit for serious contenders. After the first unsuccessful group day, they have predicted an absolute defeat.

For everyone to qualify into the top draw seemed unreal. Team Spirit have already jumped over their heads. Can they do it again? Yes, they could: their first defeat in the upper net and a long way through the losers’ net to the Grand Final.
The first opponents didn’t seem so tough, but the way through OG,, Invictus Gaming, and the Team Secret seemed insurmountable for a lineup that was completely unknown to many. Perhaps that was the plus point for Team Spirit: young, ambitious players who didn’t set out to win the tournament. The victory for them was to make it to the top-8 of The International 10.
There will be a lot of parsing of the Team Spirit victory: some are convinced that Miposhka and Silent were draft geniuses, while others claim that it was all about the artifact builds that the players chose. Both have their place. But we, like many analysts, tend to think that it’s all about the broadest pool of heroes, on which each player is capable of producing incredible results. After a series of victories, future opponents already knew that the heroes Collapse and Yatoro should be banned. But the number of bans is also limited: take out three heroes Collapse – there will always be a fourth, banish the best heroes Yatoro – you will see Naga Siren.
As noted by many casters at the official broadcasts, Team Spirit are the new OG, which do not adjust to the meteor. They do not care how strong the combination of Tiny-Lycan or Earthshaker-Morphling, which were very often shown by Chinese teams.

“Dragons” played their Dota confidently, knowing all the advantages of the chosen heroes. And against such confidence, it’s very difficult to counter something, especially when your best character combinations don’t work.

This is what PSG.LGD faced in the Grand Final. Team Spirit methodically took the first two cards before the Chinese team could finally come around. The International 10 final on five out of five cards was the best thing to happen in competitive Dota 2 in a while. For the first time in the entire tournament, PSG.LGD made mistakes time after time, while Team Spirit felt every move of their opponent.
While Team Spirit are celebrating their victory and deciding where they will spend their winnings first and whether they will remain professional players in the future, the Internet is buzzing and celebrating until now. Our editorial team does not stand aside either. Congratulations to Team Spirit on their resounding victory!

All about DOTA 2: latest game events and community

If a user wants to know everything that is happening on the professional Dota 2 scene or get information about the influence of recent patches on the whole game experience, he should pay attention to the Dota 2 world news, using website.

This is a resource that allows you to get information about the events that happened to your favorite player or team. Also, there is information about the latest updates and changes in the abilities and skills of your heroes. After reading the news, users can find any facts from preview tournaments and up to the ratings of the best players, etc.
In addition, the authors of the resource keep track of all the hot Dota 2 outtakes and news that are released during the competition season. Tracking takes place at the level of teams, players, results, and odds in Dota 2, from Minors to Majors, as well as between them.
Use the comments section to discuss various predictions, fantasy picks, and betting suggestions. You can also just get the latest news from the world of Dota 2 every day. The portal tries to keep abreast of any slightest changes and occurrences.
If you have a desire to make your contribution to the Dota 2 News section and become a cybersports journalist, you should follow the portal’s advice and contact its staff.

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